Excellent image quality for the most exacting requirements – the premium class in single-use endoscopy

The new single-use FIVE S (Flexible Intubation Videoendoscope) from KARL STORZ offers a single-use solution that is impressive in every respect. Its compatibility to the multifunctional C-MAC®  monitor and the excellent image quality of the FIVE product family allows the new FIVE S to be perfectly integrated into the existing C-MAC® system.

  • Together with the C-MAC® S video laryngoscopes, the C-MAC® system is now a complete single-use platform with impressive image quality
  • Optimal maneuverability thanks to the special, ergonomic sheath design with outstanding rigidity 
  • Exceptionally good gliding properties, particularly when using the endotracheal tube
  • Sterile packaging ensures constant availability
  • Workflows gain flexibility and speed as they no longer need to be adapted to product availability

Good hold with powerful suction

The New C-MAC® FIVE 6.5 Designed for the Intensive Care Unit

The new FIVE 6.5 (Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope) was specially developed for use in the intensive care unit. It is suitable for applications such as airway inspection and the suction of bronchial mucus as well as foreign body removal and biopsies. Its compatibility to the multifunctional C-MAC® monitor and the excellent image quality of the FIVE product family allows the new FIVE 6.5 for the intensive care unit to be perfectly integrated into the existing C-MAC® system.

  • Possible to switch to an alternative endoscope within seconds: Plan B is always at the ready
  • Large working channel of 3,2 x 2,8 mm
  • Ergonomic design for optimal maneuverability
  • Acoustic and tactile zero position control
  • Exceptional user performance
  • Completely mobile, compact and space-saving, particularly in the intensive care unit

The New C-MAC® VS Video Stylet

Redefine your limits

The new C-MAC® VS is a completely new type of videoendoscope. Thanks to its semiflexible sheath and deflectable tip, it combines the advantages of both rigid intubation telescopes and flexible intubation endoscopes. Its design is similar to that of the retromolar intubation endoscope, which is of benefit for the unexpected difficult airway.

  • Lever with distal deflection mechanism
  • BlueButton: Documentation with the innovative multifunction button
  • Simple Plug & Play thanks to the universal C-MAC® system interface
  • Compatible with the C-MAC® III monitor, C-MAC® PM II and C-HUB® II
  • Excellent image quality due to the high-resolution chip at the distal end
  • The ideal airway endoscope for the emergency room or particularly difficult intubations
  • Suitable for the difficult airway


C-MAC® – これこそソリューションです!


カールストルツが C-MAC®システムによって小児および新生児の分野で最も幅広い内視鏡を提供していることをご存じでしたか?ビデオ喉頭鏡だけでも、 6 種類の内視鏡から選択できます。様々な可視化の可能性を提供する気道管理システムはポータブルで、殊にすべてのフロントエンドを数秒で変更することができる信頼できるシステムです。製品についての詳細は下記にリンクされているマーケティング資料をご覧ください。

C-MAC® S – 小児科用使い捨てビデオ喉頭鏡


  • スパチュラと汚物エッジ付きハンドルを一体化
  • サイズ0および1のオリジナルMILLERスパチュラ形状を用いた直接/間接喉頭鏡検査用
  • 日常的な使用や訓練のために


C-MAC® S – 使い捨てビデオ喉頭鏡

C-MAC® Sシステムは、再利用可能なIMAGERとモニターを、使い捨てビデオ喉頭鏡と組み合わせています。使い捨てスパチュラの使用により相互汚染のリスクが最小限に抑えられるという点で、再利用可能なスパチュラよりもメリットが大きくなります。スパチュラとハンドルの一体化によりこの効果はさらに高まります。IMAGERにはCMOSチップとLED光源が搭載されており、最大65°Cで処理が可能です。


  • スパチュラとハンドルを一体化
  • オリジナルのMACINTOSHスパチュラ形状を用いた直接/間接喉頭鏡検査用
  • 日常的な使用や訓練のために
  • サイズ3および4の標準MACINTOSHスパチュラ
  • 気道確保が困難な場合のためのハイパーアングルD-BLADE