Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine


The Video Laryngoscope for Single Use that Meets the Highest Hygiene Standards

The C-MAC® S video laryngoscope has the same outstanding features and all the familiar benefits of the reusable C-MAC® video laryngoscopes while meeting the highest hygiene standards. In contrast to other video laryngoscopes for single use, the blade and handle form one continuous piece which significantly reduces the danger of cross-contamination, even in the case of high-risk patients. The ergonomically designed imager can be reprocessed at temperatures up to 65 °C and thus completes the hygiene chain. In line with ISO 7376 standards, the C-MAC® S video laryngoscope features high tensile strength and is extremely robust.

Special Features:

  • Blade and handle form one continuous piece: Optimum protection against infections
  • Imager can be reprocessed with HLD and with mechanical cleaning up to 65 °C
  • Three blade types: MACINTOSH #3, #4 and D-BLADE with short handle
  • Extremely sturdy plastic material with high tensile strength
  • Compatible with C-MAC® III Monitor and C-HUB® II
  • Ergonomic handle and Imager

C-MAC® Video Laryngoscopes for Pediatrics and Neonatology

For solutions that fit: The new MACINTOSH 0

To meet requirements for pediatrics and neonatology, particularly when dealing with the difficult airway, the C-MAC® video laryngoscope portfolio has been expanded to include the MACINTOSH 0. Five different blades are available for video laryngoscopy in pediatrics and neonatology: MILLER 0 and 1, MACINTOSH 0 and 2 as well as D-BLADE Ped. Thanks to the extremely low blade profile and the optimal distance from the camera to the distal tip, the new MACINTOSH 0 and the enhanced MILLER 0 are particularly suitable for the intubation of premature babies.

  • Particularly flat model, especially suited for neonatology
  • For direct and indirect laryngoscopy
  • For routine clinical use and training
  • Specially shaped and shortened handle for pediatrics and neonatology
  • The new C-MAC® PM connecting cable provides more room to maneuver

Laryngobloc for Pediatrics and Neonatology

For solutions that fit: The direct laryngoscope for single use

The Laryngobloc is a cold light laryngoscope for single use. Thanks to its monoblock design, it features a high tensile strength. The entire laryngoscope can be discarded along with the handle. The battery insert provides extremely bright, white light that enables optimal illumination of the pediatric oral cavity during direct laryngoscopy.

  • For direct laryngoscopy
  • Blade and handle are made from one piece so that the Laryngobloc is more robust than conventional laryngoscopes for single use
  • Special design for pediatrics and neonatology: MACINTOSH 2, MILLER 0-1, OXFORD 0
  • Available in five sizes and three laryngoscope shapes (MACINTOSH, MILLER, OXFORD) as well as three handle types (standard, slimline, short)

Cold Light Laryngoscopes for Pediatrics and Neonatology

For solutions that fit: P-GRIP™ handles for every size

KARL STORZ offers a wide range of blades in every size, for even the smallest patient. All laryngoscope blades conform to ISO 7376. Both slimline and stubby handles are available either with Xenon lamps or LED technology. Straight blades are preferred in pediatrics and neonatology which allow direct displacement of the epiglottis and provides direct and better visualization of the vocal cords.

  • Fully autoclavable blades and handle sleeves
  • Adequate illumination, even in adverse light conditions
  • Clearly recognizable structures thanks to clear white light
  • Virtually no self-discharge of the rechargeable batteries
  • Two different handles, specifically for pediatrics and neonatology
  • Many different blade shapes and sizes (MACINTOSH, MILLER, PHILLIPS, specially designed blades for pediatrics)

C-MAC® Guide

The Guide Rod for the C-MAC® Video Laryngoscope

The C-MAC® Guide is an ideal aid for easy placement of the endotracheal tube with the C-MAC® video laryngoscope. The angle of the guide rod is adapted to the special blade shape of the D-BLADE. Furthermore, gliding properties are enhanced thanks to the special surface structure. The new guide rod can be utilized if the tube used requires additional stability and, if necessary, can be formed into the desired shape by the user. The C-MAC® Guide is suitable for use with both D-BLADE and C-MAC® MACINTOSH blades.

Special Features:

  • Reusable guide rod made of stainless steel with atraumatic tip
  • Total length approx. 31 cm; package size: 10 items
  • Distal region adapted to the blade shape of the C-MAC® D-BLADE
  • For use with endotracheal tubes as of size 6.5 mm
  • Integrated tube holder for Fixation