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Item no: 10331BXK


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Redefine your limits with the C-MAC® video stylet

  • Deflection up to 60° with loaded ETT
  • Continuous O2 flow available via tube adaptor extends the time window during intubation
  • Completely watertight (IPX8)
  • Reprocessing up to 65 °C
  • BlueButton: Documentation with the innovative multifunction button
  • Simple Plug & Play thanks to the universal C-MAC® system interface
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Laryngoscope shapestylet
Outer diameter at distal end5.5 mm
Shape of distal endwith deflectable tip
Recommended ETT diameter as of6 mm
System interfaceC-MAC®
Documentation optionyes
Direction of view100°
Working length41 cm
Resolution300 x 400 px
Length60 cm
Weight445 g
Deflection down
Deflection up90°
Angle of view10°
Deflection up with tube60°