The company division KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS offers physicians in the private practice a product and service portfolio tailored to the specific needs and challenges encountered in daily routine. With over seven decades of experience, KARL STORZ has developed a high-quality, innovative product range that meets the challenges of everyday practice and is particularly suitable for diagnostic and outpatient procedures.

KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS support teams specialized in otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, and urology, providing physicians in private practice not only with product consultation but also advice on billing options, financing, service, and maintenance as well as training offers for physicians and practice staff.

Within the framework of the KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS financial services, tailored financing solutions are provided that are designed to meet the requirements of the individual practice.


Benefit from the newest technology while conserving your financial resources

In times of growing cost pressure, KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS is your long-term partner offering you customized financing plans. We secure your future success by always making available the newest device generation that meets today's and tomorrow's quality standards.

Through KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS Financial Services, we offer you customized leasing, rent-to-own, and purchasing models, including financing solutions for medical equipment. The pooled expertise of our financing and medical technology experts allows us to offer you optimal, customized financing.

The innovative use of financing instruments and the trained eye of KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS create leeway for investments in other areas. We offer our customers the option of financing equipment without the hassle of involving capital market institutions. The result is a long-term investment strategy on the basis of a trustful partnership.

We ensure that you can use the newest technologies while protecting your financial resources.
In Germany, we offer the following financing options:

  • Loans / financing
  • Hire purchases
  • Rentals
  • Leasing with full amortization
  • Terminable leases
  • Pay per use

Typical financing terms are between 24 and 60 months.

Which financing type is right for you?

It depends on your specific situation. With KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS Financial Service, you can invest in new medical technology while staying flexible. Our offers are tailored to your specific financial situation and give you peace of mind.

All listed financing types preserve your liquidity because your liquid assets are not tied up in real capital and also offer you cost transparency with equal installments.

Leasing and rental options also allow you to use the newest device generation at all times.

Whether you are renting, buying, or leasing

We are happy to advise you and develop a financing solution that suits your needs. Also talk with your tax advisor about potential tax advantages.

Daily tray rentals

Your rapid solution

KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS offers you trays for hip and knee arthroscopy combined with an attractive financing solution.

These are relatively rare procedures, and purchasing a tray is often not cost-effective. Therefore, we offer the option of renting such trays by the day.


Unless agreed otherwise in the contract, any product maintenance and repair not covered under warranty is performed through KARL STORZ-SOLUTIONS on the basis of individual orders.

However, we will also gladly offer you a complete, reliable service package including manufacturer maintenance and repairs.

With our ENDOPROTECT1 program, you no longer need to worry about your medical equipment.

To the ENDOPROTECT1 program

For the value preservation of your instruments and the peace of mind of protecting your patients as well as yourself as the operator


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Our solution package

Reasons for using financing instruments

  • Maintaining liquidity: liquid assets not tied up in real capital
  • Generating liquidity when incorporating existing products into a financing model
  • Temporary solutions such as temporary rentals when purchases are unprofitable or not expedient due to the specific circumstances of a hospital or practice
  • Increasing efficiency: you prefer not having to deal with administratively time-consuming products but want to leave this task to the manufacturer as a service provider
  • Newest technology: you do not want to buy but prefer having the option of switching to the newest device generation at any time?
  • Cost transparency thanks to fixed equal installments
  • Secure planning while maintaining flexibility
  • No direct influence on existing credit lines (leasing)
  • Positive tax effects of license agreements; contact your tax advisor about your specific potential Advantages