The Status Quo in the Healthcare System

For healthcare facilities, being equipped with high-quality, state-of-the-art technology is both essential to ensure the safety of patients, users, and third parties and a prerequisite for economic efficiency. Limited investment budgets often make it impossible to afford such equipment.

Quality and Innovation

Therefore, we have developed a KARL STORZ management concept that makes the newest device generations available to you without requiring an investment. The SOLUTION1 management concept with predefined lease periods consists of various modules, resulting in a monthly installment and thus ensuring cost transparency and reliable budgeting across the entire period.

Your Choice of Three Technology Levels

For investment goods, three technology levels – basic, premium, and exclusive – have been predefined. Together, we will define a technology level – or technological standard – for each of your rooms.

Each technology level comprises the three system elements of imaging, documentation, and periphery. Depending on the concept variant, your devices will be replaced after five years. As a SOLUTION1 customer, you benefit from our automatic technology upgrade in accordance with your selected technology level.

System modules of your technology level


  • Device control
  • Monitor
  • Camera technology
  • Light source


  • Documentation
  • Intelligent Storage Management
  • Connection to PACS systems


  • Insufflation technology
  • CO2 smoke evacuation
  • Motor systems
  • Pumps
  • High-frequency electrosurgical units

SOLUTION1 – Our Service Package

You Selected SOLUTION1


On-site taking of current inventory


Collaborative definition of your desired technology levels


Delivery and commissioning of the ordered products


Training, initiation, and support of the new products by KARL STORZ


Depending on the concept variant, the contractual products are completely replaced, with an automatic technology upgrade.


Continuous dialog between the parties

At the end of the contract period, you have three options:

  • Renew contract
  • Purchase products
  • Return products to KARL STORZ

SOLUTION1 is a management concept that is individually tailored to you as the customer. The advantage of the concept’s modularity lies in the fact that you as the customer receive only the services you actually need. Since management needs can differ widely, SOLUTION1 offers you two concepts aimed at different target groups. You decide which concept best fits you and your needs. We will be happy to assist you.

SOLUTION1 offers you a future-proof basis that facilitates your operative and strategic business through reliable planning, complete transparency, and capital preservation – while providing you with KARL STORZ quality, proven for over 7 decades.