Cameras, light sources and documentation

IMAGE1 S™ – As Individual as your Requirements

The IMAGE1 S™ camera platform offers surgeons a single system for all applications. As a modular camera platform, IMAGE1 S™ combines various technologies (e.g., rigid, flexible and 3D endoscopy) in one system and can therefore be adapted to individual customer needs. Furthermore, near infrared (NIR/ICG) for fluorescence imaging, the integration of operating microscopes and the use of VITOM® 3D is possible via the camera platform.

  • Individual modules can be selected according to user requirements, e.g., for rigid, flexible and 3D technology
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation in 2D and 3D:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Color shift and exchange
  • Automatic light source control
  • Natural color rendition

* not for sale in the U.S.

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

PDD – flexibility in visualization with IMAGE1 S

With Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD) in FULL HD quality, another component has been added to the IMAGE1 S camera platform. The most outstanding feature of the HX FI camera heads is their versatile application possibilities. In addition to the PDD OPAL1™ technology, the S-Technologies CHROMA, SPECTRA A* and SPECTRA B* can also be displayed in white light.

  • Versatile camera heads with PDD fluorescence imaging and S-Technologies
  • Brilliant, razor-sharp FULL HD imaging
  • Impressive lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Both standard and pendulum camera heads available
  • Part of the IMAGE1 S camera platform – compatible with IMAGE1 S X-LINK
  • Easy-to-use PDD functionality via IMAGE1 S

*not for sale in the U.S.

IMAGE1 S™ 4U – mORe than a camera

The IMAGE1 S™ 4U camera system allows the operating surgeon to make optimal use of the benefits offered by 4K technology. A notable feature is the image quality: High image brightness, impressive colors, greater richness of detail and a significantly improved depth effect characterize this system. Thanks to the system’s modularity, 4U components can be easily integrated into the existing IMAGE1 S™ camera platform. Consequently, the system is still compatible with existing technologies (e.g., rigid, flexible, fluorescence and 3D endoscopy) and can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

  • IMAGE1 S™ 4U impresses with outstanding, razor-sharp images
    • Excellent image brightness
    • First-rate color rendition
    • Greater richness of detail
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for tissue differentiation:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Spectral color shift and switch
  • Easy integration into the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform


* not for sale in the U.S.

IMAGE1 S™ 3D – A Dimension Ahead

IMAGE1 S™ 3D provides surgeons with excellent depth perception. Furthermore, the 3D stereoscopic imaging system is particularly valuable for activities that demand a high degree of spatial perception. Thanks to the modular system design, existing 2D systems can be upgraded to 3D. The 3D camera platform from KARL STORZ impresses with its wide range of applications – from laparoscopy, gynecology, ENT to microsurgical interventions.

  • 3D system featuring video endoscopes with diameters of 10 mm and 4 mmm as well as VITOM® 3D
  • Easy toggle between 3D and 2D
  • Easy integration into the IMAGE1 S™ platform
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation in 2D and 3D:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Spectral color shift and exchange

*not for sale in the U.S.

TELE PACK X LED – The Mobile All-in-One Solution with Network Connection

The TELE PACK series offers users a monitor, LED light source, camera control unit, and data management with integrated network function as a portable mobile solution in a single unit.

  • For universal use in doctors’ offices, emergency rooms, intensive care units and outpatient settings
  • High performance LED light source ensures bright and uniform illumination with an average lamp life of 30,000 hours
  • Archiving of still images and videos on USB flash drive, SD card or the hospital and/or practice network
  • Compatible with all available KARL STORZ gastroscopes, colonoscopes and duodenoscopes as well as rigid endoscopes, fiberscopes, the flexible TROIDL rectoscope and the video rhino-laryngoscope
  • Clear patient information
  • Effective tool for medical training and further education

Power LED 300 SCB – Powerful. Efficient. Durable.

The Power LED 300 perfectly combines high performance with efficiency. Its intelligent cooling management and laser light technology combine the advantages of LED technology with the light output of a 300 Watt Xenon light source – in a unit offering extremely quiet operation. Durability, economy, environmental friendliness, and performance are the terms that best characterize this light source.

  • Light intensity similar to a 300 Watt Xenon light source
  • No lamp replacement required for 30,000 hours
  • Constant light intensity throughout the operating life
  • Low heat development
  • Very quiet operation
  • Energy savings thanks to high efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly

3D Monitor – Perfect Image Quality for Brilliant Imaging

This monitor features excellent image brightness and contrast. It is able to display brilliant images in both 3D and 2D, which makes it suitable for a wide range of diverse applications. The integrated LED backlighting technology reduces power consumption and increases the monitor lifespan. This saves energy costs and reduces heat emission in the OR.

  • Enhanced image brightness
  • Anti-reflection coating greatly reduces reflection
  • Fogless 3D polarization glasses with anti-fog coating are included in delivery
  • Additional inputs and outputs