TEO® – Transanal Endoscopic Operations

The minimally invasive transanal platform for the treatment of rectal neoplasia

Transanal Endoscopic Operations (TEO®) combines the minimal invasiveness of an intervention via a natural body orifice (NOTES) with the precision of resection under endoscopic microsurgery.

Special Features:

  • Available in lengths of 7.5, 15 and 20 cm
  • Compatible with all standard camera systems for laparoscopy
  • Mechanical holding arm enables the platform to be placed in a very stable position

Transanal Endoscopic Operation for Benign Rectal Lesions and T1 Carcinoma

Human Medicine


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Importance of Resection Margins in the Treatment of Rectal Adenomas by Transanal Endoscopic Surgery

Human Medicine


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What is the best tool for transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)? A case-matched study in 74 patients comparing a standard platform and a disposable material

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Transanal endoscopic resection with peritoneal entry: a word of caution

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Hybrid NOTES: TEO for transanal total mesorectal excision: intracorporeal resection and anastomosis

Human Medicine


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TEO® Platform with Flexible Working Attachment and High-Flow Adaptor – B-PORT

TEO® (transanal endoscopic operations) combines the minimal invasiveness of procedures performed via a natural body orifice (NOTES) with the precision of controlled resection under optical magnification. The TEO® platform for taTME (transanal total mesorectal excision) has been optimized in collaboration with Prof. Luigi Boni, Milan, Italy.

Special features:

  • Flexible working attachment
  • Instruments up to size 15 mm can be used
  • High-flow insufflation adapter
  • Straight distal end
  • Suitable for taTME

ENDOFLATOR® 50 and S-PILOT® – The Solution for Your Insufflation and Surgical Smoke Management

The ENDOFLATOR® 50 with gas heater offers:

  • Gas flow up to 50 l/min with KARL STORZ HICAP® trocars
  • Gas heating to body temperature
  • Two insufflation modes for high flow and pediatric applications
  • SECUVENT® safety system for reducing any intracavitary overpressure
  • Communication with IMAGE1 S™ camera platform for control from the sterile field
  • Procedure list: Own procedures can be stored

The ENDOFLATOR® 50 is used in transanal treatment and endoscopic vessel harvesting. It can be combined with the S-PILOT®, which ensures the controlled evacuation and filtering of surgical smoke during endoscopic procedures.

Rectoscope for Video Documentation – RECTOVISION® with Sliding Cap

The combination of laparoscopic and rectoscopic technologies permits visualization and documentation of intraluminal conditions in patients undergoing coloproctological interventions. RECTOVISION® is intended for use in both outpatient settings and surgical departments.

Special Features: 

  • Clear, high-resolution display of even the finest details
  • Fully reusable; long service life
  • Can be used with all 10 mm telescopes – also in conjunction with NIR/ICG  for intraluminal perfusion assessment
  • Airtight Sliding Cap


Compact endoscopy for documentation in proctology

In proctoscopic and rectoscopic examinations, the TELE PACK+ mobile all-in-one solution offers visual depictions to give patients greater clarity. The rigid PROCTOVISION® and RECTOVISION® systems allow the visualization and documentation of all important examination and/or treatment steps.

Special features:

  • The portable all-in-one solution combines a monitor, camera control unit, LED light source, and documentation unit with integrated network function
  • Image display in FULL HD quality
  • Universal use in doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, and intensive care units
  • Compatibility with a wide range of rigid, flexible, and single-use endoscopes – beneficial for interdisciplinary use, for instance*
  • In addition to presenting clear patient information, documentation (with storage capability on USB and free internal memory of 50 GB) can aid in proctological training
  • Expanded functions in combination with SCENARA®: Import of patient data from the HIS; image and video processing and data transfer to the PACS or a network storage device

*Please note: the TELE PACK+ is incompatible with the SILVER SCOPE® Flexible Rectoscope acc. to TROIDL


KARL STORZ offers a wide range of proctoscopes in various sizes for rigid proctoscopy.

Special Features:

  • Plastic obturator  
  • Completely reusable, durable
  • With the proper working attachment can also be utilized for video-assisted proctoscopy and documentation


KARL STORZ offers a wide range of rectoscopes in various sizes for rigid rectoscopy.

Special Features:

  • Completely reusable, durable
  • Illumination head with fiber optic light cable connector for illumination
  • With the proper working attachment can also be utilized for video-assisted rectoscopy and documentation


Hemorrhoid Treatment

KARL STORZ offers a wide range of suction ligature instruments for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Special Features:

  • Available with integrated mechanical vacuum pump or with connector pin for external vacuum pump
  • Replaceable, ergonomic handle
  • Available with lateral or straight suction openings