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20 years of connecting you to the future of imaging!

KARL STORZ is proud to celebrate two decades of changing the way you see your patients through IMAGE1®. Starting with 2D endoscopy to cutting-edge NIR/ICG visualization modes to visualize anatomical structures, we’ve come a long way and we want to thank you for being a part of this journey. We can’t wait to show you what lies ahead!  

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A brief history of the brand IMAGE1

2002: IMAGE1® – The Diamond standard is born

The first digital camera system – IMAGE1® was launched.

2007: Bigger and sharper images

IMAGE1® HD was introduced offering high-definition imaging and bigger picture size (from 4:3 to 16:9) for an improved visualization experience– making the invisible visible.

2013: IMAGE1 S goes modular

The first two modules of the modular camera system IMAGE1 S were introduced, wherein the HD camera heads from the previous camera platform were still usable. However, the camera system has had the capability for both rigid and flexible endoscopy as well as NIR/ICG imaging right from the start – all in Full HD. 

S-technologies were introduced, representing different visualization technologies that can help surgeons better identify different structures. 

March 2015: IMAGE1 S 3D – A Dimension Ahead

New modularity features were added with the D3-LINK, enabling 3D visualization for better depth perception during surgeries.  

TIPCAM®1 S for Laparoscopy was introduced with two different directions of view – (0°/30°) to a diameter of 10 mm.  

September 2015: Camera head portfolio is extended

As an extension of the camera head portfolio, the HX/HX-P camera heads were implemented for use on the X-LINK. They are compatible with other camera systems (TELE PACK+ and TELECAM C3), provide FULL HD resolution and are smaller and lighter than the H3 camera heads.

June 2016: S-Technologies now on TIPCAM®1 S 3D

Following the TIPCAM®1 S 3D for laparoscopy, a 4 mm version for ENT was introduced. S-Technologies was integrated for TIPCAM®1 S 3D for both ENT and LAP.

December 2016: VITOM® 3D – The 3rgonomic Dimension

VITOM® 3D, an exoscope with 4K sensors and 3D imaging, extended our 3D imaging portfolio further.

June 2017: PDD is introduced

PDD in FULL HD was made possible with the introduction of HX/HX-P FI camera heads, enhancing our bladder cancer detection portfolio.

October 2017: More details and improved color reproduction with 4K

The introduction of the 4U-LINK, together with a specially adapted camera head, launched our 4K resolution range, offering a high level of detail and impressive color reproduction. S-Technologies continued to provide the well-known visualization technologies.

August 2018: IMAGE1 S CONNECT® II – Sustainability through modularity

In 2013, IMAGE1 S CONNECT® laid the foundation for modular camera system, wherein different LINK modules can be connected. With the IMAGE1 S CONNECT® II, a second generation of the connect module was implemented.

2020: IMAGE1 S Rubina® – mORe to discover

IMAGE1 S RUBINA® was launched, combining latest imaging technologies, such as 4K, 3D and fluorescence imaging (NIR/ICG), into one powerful product family, consisting of a light source, new camera head and a new TIPCAM®1.

2021: NIR/ICG functionality for TIPCAM®1 Rubina®

The new NIR/ICG fluorescence modes introduced in 2020 for the IMAGE1 S 4U Rubina® camera head, were now also available for TIPCAM®1 Rubina®.
TIPCAM®1 Rubina® combines 2D and 3D imaging, 4K and NIR/ICG in one video endoscope. 

2022: IMAGE1 S Saphira – Enhance Your Options. Enhance Your View.  

A new LED light source, POWER LED Saphira, was introduced. In combination with the IMAGE1 S, KARL STORZ offers a solution for improved PDD visualization. 

20 years and counting…

IMAGE1 S proudly celebrates 20 years of changing the way you see your patients. Thank you for believing in us and welcome to the future of imaging.

Letting our products do the talking

Continuous innovation and the unwavering support of our customers has ensured that our products stand the test of time. Here’s a look at what some of our customers have to say about IMAGE1 S


Prof. Luigi Boni

Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Chief of Surgery, University of Milan, Italy

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. habil. Thomas Carus

Niels-Stensen-Kliniken, Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Thuine, Germany

Prof. Dr. Marty Zdichavski

Die Filderklinik, Filderstadt, Germany

Dr. Armando Melani

Americas Medical City, Rio de Janeiro.
Director of the IRCAD centers in Brazil

Dr. Xavier Serra-Aracil

Department of Gral-Digestive Surgery, Parc Tauli University Hospital
Associate Prof. Department of Surgery UAB, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Ahmad Shoukry 

Head of Surgery El Salam Oncology Center,
Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Dr. Angelos Stylianou

Hippocrateon Private Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

Prof. Dr. Arshad Hussain Abro

Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences,
Jamshoro, Pakistan

Dr. Ramiz Al Mukhtar 

General and bariatric surgery, Ramiz Al Mukhtar Clinic in St. Raphael Hospital,
Baghdad, Iraq

Prof. Dr. Emre Balik

American Hospital and Koc University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Nikolay Matveev 

Head of laparoscopic branch, dept. of endoscopic surgery,
Moscow state university of medicine and dentistry, Russia

Urology and Gynecology

Prof. Jean de la Rosette

Professor of Urology at Amsterdam UMC University Hospital in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Professor of Urology at Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey.


Prof. Dr. med. Stefan P. Renner

Chief of Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Böblingen, Germany 

Prof. Arnaud Wattiez

Head of Gynecology Department at Latifa Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Dr. Darlene Lubbe

Mediclinic Cape Town, South Africa


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Leunig

Specialist in Othorhinolaryngology, Munich, Germany

Prof. Dr. med Daniel Simmen &
KD Dr. med. Hans Rudolf Briner

Specialists in Otorhinolaryngology
Clinic for ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgery in Hirslanden, Zurich, Switzerland


Prof. Andrey S. Lopatin

Chairman ENT clinic First Moscow Medical University, Moscow, Russia


Prof. Dr. Philipp Szavay

Head Dept. of Pediatric Surgery
Children's Hospital Lucerne, Switzerland


We can’t wait to help you see what’s next!

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