Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine

Experience True HD in Video Laryngoscopy

C-MAC® HD - Choice Changes Everything

Let our new C-MAC® HD video laryngoscopes and our new C-MAC® HD monitor take you to the next level of high-definition imaging. Our HD visualization forms the basis for even more realistic views of the patient airway while advanced technology of our endoscopes ensures that the quality of patient data is higher than ever before.

Good hold with powerful suction

The New C-MAC® FIVE 6.5 Designed for the Intensive Care Unit

The new FIVE 6.5 (Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope) was specially developed for use in the intensive care unit. It is suitable for applications such as airway inspection and the suction of bronchial mucus as well as foreign body removal and biopsies. Its compatibility to the multifunctional C-MAC® monitor and the excellent image quality of the FIVE product family allows the new FIVE 6.5 for the intensive care unit to be perfectly integrated into the existing C-MAC® system.

  • Possible to switch to an alternative endoscope within seconds: Plan B is always at the ready
  • Large working channel of 3,2 x 2,8 mm
  • Ergonomic design for optimal maneuverability
  • Acoustic and tactile zero position control
  • Exceptional user performance
  • Completely mobile, compact and space-saving, particularly in the intensive care unit

The New C-MAC® VS Video Stylet

Redefine your limits

The new C-MAC® VS is a completely new type of videoendoscope. Thanks to its semiflexible sheath and deflectable tip, it combines the advantages of both rigid intubation telescopes and flexible intubation endoscopes. Its design is similar to that of the retromolar intubation endoscope, which is of benefit for the unexpected difficult airway.

  • Lever with distal deflection mechanism
  • BlueButton: Documentation with the innovative multifunction button
  • Simple Plug & Play thanks to the universal C-MAC® system interface
  • Compatible with the C-MAC® III monitor, C-MAC® PM II and C-HUB® II
  • Excellent image quality due to the high-resolution chip at the distal end
  • The ideal airway endoscope for the emergency room or particularly difficult intubations
  • Suitable for the difficult airway

Airway Management for Neonatology and Pediatrics

C-MAC® – the solution!

A platform for your airway management

Did you know that KARL STORZ's C-MAC® system represents the widest available range of endoscopes for use in pediatrics and neonatology? You have a choice of 6 different video laryngoscopes alone. Count on a portable airway management system that offers multiple visualization options and, most importantly, lets you switch to any C-MAC product within seconds. For further details on these products, please refer to the marketing materials linked below.

C-MAC® S – The Video Laryngoscope for Single Use for Pediatric Applications

Special Features:

  • Blade and handle with dirt trap form one continuous piece
  • For direct and indirect laryngoscopy with the original MILLER blade shape in sizes 0 and 1
  • For routine clinical use and training

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C-MAC® S – The Video Laryngoscope for Single Use

The C-MAC® S system combines the reusable IMAGER as well as the monitor with video laryngoscopes for single use. The advantage of single-use blades over reusable blades is that the risk of cross-contamination is minimized. This effect is enhanced by the fact that the blade and handle form one continuous piece. The IMAGER features a CMOS chip as well as a LED light source that can be reprocessed at temperatures up to 65 °C.

Special Features:

  • Blade and handle form one continuous piece
  • For direct and indirect laryngoscopy with original MACINTOSH blade shape
  • For routine clinical use and training
  • Standard MACINTOSH blades in sizes 3 and 4
  • Hyperangulated D-BLADE for difficult airways

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