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Dr. Sybill Storz Honoured by the Royal College of Surgeons of England

28.03.2014 |

Professor Norman Williams, President of the RCS, Dr. Sybill Storz, and her son Mr. Karl-Christian Storz after receiving the honour of Patron to the Royal College of Surgeons.

On 13th March, Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz, owner of the KARL STORZ company, visited England to be admitted as a Patron to the Royal College of Surgeons. This rarely bestowed honour was awarded in recognition of Dr. Storz’s unstinting support for training, education and the advancement of surgery.

In a Citation, Professor Mike Parker, College Council member, opened by saying: “To say that Dr. Sybill Storz is an extraordinary woman would be to underrate her achievements hugely. She is more than extraordinary - she is unique in the world of medical equipment industries.”

Professor Parker went on summarise her career, particularly after the death of her father, Dr. Karl Storz, in 1996, when she took over as Chief Executive of the company he had established in 1945:

“By maintaining a close and personal contact with leading clinicians, clinics and scientific organisations around the world, Dr. Storz has directed the strategic development of KARL STORZ to become one of the foremost medical instrument companies in the world.

Professor Mike Parker reads the Citation to Professor Norman Williams, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, with RCS Vice-Presidents David Ward and Professor Mike Horrocks in attendance.

Dr. Storz continues to drive the company forwards, maintaining the tradition of adopting new technologies to suit the requirements of endoscopic surgery and medicine. The achievements of KARL STORZ have been fundamental in the establishment of Minimally Invasive Surgery as a standard application in medicine. During more than sixty five years of KARL STORZ, the company has been dedicated to maintaining and improving standards in medical equipment to facilitate surgical and medical excellence. Dr. Storz has demonstrated sustained responsibility for this ambition with continuing personal involvement at all levels, and is of the firm opinion that the responsibility of the company does not end by selling the medical product.”

Professor Parker closed the Citation by thanking Dr. Storz for her most recent gift of nine KARL STORZ laparoscopic stacks to be placed in the Education Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons, for the specific purpose of teaching advanced laparoscopic surgery on site.

He then formally presented Dr. Storz to the President, Professor Norman Williams, who accepted her as a Patron to the Royal College of Surgeons, an honour she was proud to accept.