KARL STORZ Announces Endorsement of the STERRAD® NX™ & STERRAD® 100NX™ Systems from ASP for its Flexible Fiberscopes

06/07/2009 | Our company

EL SEGUNDO, CA (July 6, 2009) – KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a leader in diagnostic and operative minimally invasive endoscopic technology, announces that it is now endorsing the STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems as one of the approved sterilization methods for KARL STORZ Flexible Fiberscopes. The endorsement follows completion of the sterilization validation and material compatibility studies performed by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). Testing was performed in accordance with recognized ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards and guidelines, as well as pertinent FDA requirements.

“There is an increasing trend among hospitals, including Veterans Administration facilities, to centralize sterilization functions in the Sterile Processing Departments (SPD),” said Bill Wise, Executive Director, Downstream Marketing, KARL STORZ. “These hospitals require sterilization systems for the SPD that can support greater workflow and allow sterilization, transport and storage of heat-sensitive flexible endoscopes. STERRAD® System technologies combine flexibility and faster instrument turnaround.”

“By working closely with leading medical device manufacturers such as KARL STORZ, ASP is strengthening its commitment to infection prevention and the best possible customer experience. ASP offers validated medical device sterilization solutions to healthcare professionals who utilize our more than 12,000 STERRAD® Systems installed worldwide,” said Karen Borg, Worldwide Vice President of Marketing for ASP. “KARL STORZ’s endorsement is specific to ASP’s next-generation sterilization solutions –the compact STERRAD® NX™ System and the larger-capacity STERRAD® 100NX™ System and can be viewed 24/7 by STERRAD® System customers on ASP’s groundbreaking STERRAD® Sterility Guide at”

KARL STORZ Flexible Fiberscopes that are compatible with the STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems have the following properties: Silver, stainless-steel focus ring; polymer handle; serial numbers that begin with the number “2”; and meet the STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems’ lumen restrictions. All new KARL STORZ Flexible Fiberscopes are STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems compatible. Customers will receive automatic upgrades to compatible units when they send their older KARL STORZ flexible fiberscopes for major repair.