Unified Content Management and Interoperability by KARL STORZ

SCENARA™ is a platform-independent and modular software solution for data storage and administration that also features a centralized communication interface.

  • SCENARA™ .store coordinates all endoscopic data, including patient and procedure data, from various systems at a central location and thus enables fast and mobile data access.
  • SCENARA™ .connect minimizes the complexity of the workflow via optimal interoperability between documentation solutions from KARL STORZ and other available information and archive systems from various manufacturers.
  • SCENARA™ .store and SCENARA™ .connect can be acquired with a service contract (optional). This includes software maintenance, troubleshooting and software updates without additional costs.


統合型手術室 KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION® は、効率的で未来志向の安全性を提供します。イノベーティブな画像処理、手術室のフレクシブルな利用方法、および手術プロセスの最適化のための最新の機能などが、IP ベースの最先端の手術室を形作ります。


  • 3D、4K での画像再生が可能
  • Skype および Skype for business による、世界中に張り巡らされた通信接続
  • さまざまな方法での、フルハイビジョンおよび 3D 品質のビデオ伝送
  • フレクシブルで、メーカーに依存せずに医療機器を組み込むことができる、ウェブベースの複合的なシステム


We make the difference!

A modular examination and procedure room for ENT

OFFICE1 provides attractive solutions for private practices as well as private clinics, hospitals and university medical centers. The clear organization of functional zones as well as the ergonomic design tailored to individual requirements and optimal integration of the equipment utilized optimizes the entire medical examination process.

The customized ergonomic design also improves the structure of medical examinations while modern equipment ensures diagnostic reliability and high examination quality

The associated visualization concept facilitates diagnostics and ensures better patient integration into the examination process.