Modern electronics requires specially adapted software for top performance. Therefore, software plays a large and continuously growing role in KARL STORZ product development. It improves image quality in video systems, reduces system-related optical defects such as Moiré patterns in fiberscopes, enables the control of devices with unmatched precision, and facilitates their use thanks to user-friendly menu navigation.

In modern operating rooms, however, the use of software can afford even greater advantages. All relevant devices may be controlled from a central location. Simply bringing up pre-defined, stored settings can further simplify and optimize complex workflows. Fast and secure image and video documentation and transfer options as well as the integration of cutting-edge multimedia applications for audio and video communication are associated with additional benefits. These include transmission into lecture rooms and the professional support from a specialist who may be located thousands of kilometers away.

Endoscopy software is highly specialized and everything but a mass product. It is developed for its specific purpose by KARL STORZ software engineers and is subject to the same high quality and safety requirements as all other product components.