KARL STORZ revolutionizes the management of the operating room theater with the first truly digital operating theater of the future: The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™

12/11/2012 | Our company

Tuttlingen, Deutschland, 12th November 2012 – Leading supplier in endoscopy and OR integration KARL STORZ has developed the first true uncompressed digital operating room platform via IP. This networked approach allows complete integration of all video and data devices in the OR, optimizing surgical workflow and eliminating cable clutter.
Today’s operating rooms are extremely complex and high-tech environments. New surgical and interventional techniques bring new medical technologies and more devices in the OR, which often result in complex configurations, poor routines, and cable clutter. To help surgeons and clinical staff take full advantage of the latest technologies in the modern surgical suite and improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, OR integration has become indispensable. As such, the role of information technology in healthcare is expanding rapidly.
In an effort to bring the latest communication technology to the operating room, KARL STORZ introduces the digital era in today’s operating rooms. “For more than 10 years, OR1 has stood for ergonomic workplace design and integration and safety in the OR. That’s why we have chosen this as our backbone for our new digital integration system. Our new system will ensure complete integration of all devices in and beyond the operating room in a more effective manner. This highly advanced platform distributes uncompressed video, graphics, audio and computer data over the IP network throughout the OR with near-zero latency. The simplified system architecture allows seamless communication and control in the OR and generates significant cost savings”, says Thorsten Molitor, Executive Director OR1™ (KARL STORZ, Germany).
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION provides a new-generation platform that merges communication and documentation functionalities in a smart and compact PC-based system. The software orientation and modularity of this new platform will provide a technical environment in the OR that keeps up with the evolving needs and the pace of surgery. “The Fusion solution helps the clinical team expand beyond the traditional OR walls. With the most advanced streaming solution available they will be able to more effectively collaborate with experts throughout the world.” The future of surgical advancement and procedure adoption will be greatly accelerated as clinicians can “seamlessly collaborate utilizing the Fusion solution”, comments Devon Bream, Executive Director OR1 (KARL STORZ, Endoscopy-America).
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION system has incorporated the necessary features capable of enhancing the experience of clinicians. Since this system was designed with the end-user in mind, its ergonical and robust feature set will provide great value to the staff. By taking into our account the needs of the clinical staff and expanding on the synergistic proficiencies of its worldwide organization, KARL STORZ has realized a global product that is dynamic in nature and capable of surpassing any offering currently available in the marketplace. Quite simply, this unique architecture and interface provides an experience which can be shared by all clinicians no matter where they are geographically located. With its pioneering experience and expertise in endoscopy technology and OR integration, KARL STORZ offers an enhanced user interface with highly recognizable icons with the added benefit of a workflow-oriented navigation. The colors are adapted to the lighting conditions in the OR and the consistent design ensures both user friendliness and optimized control.
The KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION system allows for dynamic plug and play of devices, even during surgery, to easily meet changing imaging requirements. And, the system requires only one universal network cable to set up the operating room and is built on a 10 Gbps IP network backbone, it enables smooth integration of future medical technologies and requirements in the operating room, making KARL STORZ OR1 truly ready for the digital future.