"Jugend forscht" youth science competition

Together with the City of Tuttlingen, KARL STORZ has been sponsoring the Donau-Hegau regional competition of "Jugend forscht" (a German youth science competition) since 2013. KARL STORZ supports the competition to offer young researchers from the region a platform for their ideas and creativity. In February of each year, this regional competition gives school and university students and apprentices from the surrounding area the opportunity to prove their abilities. The winners of the regional competition qualify to participate in the state competition.

Participants can conduct research in the following areas: work environment, biology, chemistry, geosciences and astronomy, mathematics and computer science, physics, and technology.

All students who are in 4th grade or up and not older than 21 years old may participate in "Jugend forscht." On the "Jugend forscht" website, children and adolescents who enjoy researching and experimenting could register their project, individually or in teams of up to 3, until 30 November 2017 for the 2018 competition.

The next competition will be held on 22-23 February 2018 at the KARL STORZ Visitor Centre and Tuttlingen City Hall.

Jugend forscht 2017

Selected photos from this year's Donau-Hegau regional Jugend forscht competition, held in Tuttlingen. 

Jugend forscht - 2016 in review

Selected photos from the 2016 Donau-Hegau "Jugend forscht" competition, held in Tuttlingen.

Jugend forscht - 2015 in review

To the Jugend forscht photo gallery

Selected photos from the 2015 Donau-Hegau "Jugend forscht" competition, held in Tuttlingen.