Innovative image and video data management

SCENARA™ is a platform-independent and modular software solution for data storage and administration (content management) that also features a centralized communication interface (interoperability).

  • SCENARA™ .store coordinates all endoscopic data, including patient and procedure data, from various systems at a central location and thus enables fast and mobile data access.
  • SCENARA™ .connect minimizes the complexity of the workflow via optimal interoperability between documentation solutions from KARL STORZ and other available information and archive systems from various manufacturers.
  • SCENARA™ .store and SCENARA™ .connect can be acquired with a service contract. This includes software maintenance, troubleshooting and software updates without additional costs.


The integrated operating room for ergonomic and efficient work

This innovative solution from KARL STORZ provides central control of medical equipment,
documentation, communication and video routing via a shared and intuitive user interface.

KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION® stands for efficiency and readiness for the future:

  • Vivid image display in 3D, 4K ready
  • Worldwide communication possibilities with Skype and Skype for Business
  • Flexible video transmission to further operating rooms, lecture halls, physician’s offices and conference rooms, also in 3D
  • Integration of medical devices and web-based systems, independent of manufacturer

KARL STORZ AIDA® – Exceptional Documentation

AIDA™ offers the possibility to capture and store still images and video sequences. This standalone solution enables the comprehensive implementation of all documentation requirements arising in surgical procedures.

  • AIDA™ merges seamlessly with existing infrastructures and enables optimal interoperability using integrated interfaces such as DICOM and HL7.
  • AIDA™ provides support for the patient’s entire clinical process.
  • AIDA™ offers the possibility to record two DVI image sources simultaneously. Individual settings can be enabled in both channels.
  • AIDA™ improves safety thanks to an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist.
  • AIDA™ reduces turnover time as the recorded data is automatically archived by the Intelligent Export Manager directly after the intervention.


The key to integration – now with integrated streaming functionality

OR1™ mini is a straightforward and intuitive video routing system with a user interface from KARL STORZ. This affordable integration solution improves efficiency and simplifies the workflow in the OR.

  • Routing in FULL HD and 3D quality
  • Optional, integrated streaming functionality
  • Naming of routing sources and destinations as desired by the customer
  • Analog and digital inputs for flexible use of sources
  • PIP/PAP image display


Visions of light – OR lights from KARL STORZ

  •  True-color light for an accurate display of even the tiniest nerve and vessel structures
  • Shadow-free lighting with sharp contours thanks to multiple LED light sources
  • Documentation of the surgical procedure under sterile conditions through a centrally integrated HD camera

Available versions:

LEDVISION® 202: Light fixture with 2 wings

LEDVISION® 203: Light fixture with 3 wings

LEDVISION® 302: Light fixture with 2 wings and LED ring in the center

LEDVISION® 303: Light fixture with 3 wings and LED ring in the center

It is possible to install a camera in all of the lights.


The basis of the OR – ceiling pendant systems from KARL STORZ

The basis of the OR – ceiling pendant systems from KARL STORZ

  • Ceiling-supported solutions for any task – whether you need to position a single device or lift and position a heavyweight anesthesia machine
  • Optimal space utilization: Up to six height-adjustable shelves can be attached to the ORBITER® media column
  • Rigid and motorized extension arms and media columns
  • The electromagnetic passive brake system (MOVE + STOP) allows smooth maneuvering and secure positioning of the equipment
  • ENVILED – indirect and dimmable LED light strips in the support arm or the media column for perfect lighting conditions during endoscopic procedures

Available versions:
Customized solutions for anesthesiology, surgery and endoscopy.