Maximum flexibility for the best possible integration solution

  • Video management and documentation in up to 4K UHD resolution and 3D
  • Medical device control through seamless integration of KARL STORZ SCB modules
  • Optional control of general room functions
  • Integration of commercial video conferencing systems to meet even the highest demands regarding transmission quality
  • Control of all functions via the surgical monitors with touchscreen function, either directly from the sterile field or from the nurse workstation
  • Modular system facilitating customization based on individual needs


A/V Management, Documentation & Communication

OR1 AIR® is a modern, compact, and interconnecting integration solution comprising the modules AIDA® + OR1™ .avm.

Special Features:

  • One of the best image chains in its class, in brilliant 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD, from the endoscope to the monitor
  • Live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration
  • Combined with the proven AIDA® documentation system
  • Compact design
  • Particularly well suited for a variety of communications applications – symposia, teaching, and consultation


Documentation for examination and operating rooms

Choose the right documentation solution to meet your individual requirements.
Both solutions represent the comprehensive implementation of all your medical documentation requirements. They can be adapted flexibly to the needs of any medical discipline, thereby allowing maximum customization.

  • AIDA® allows two image sources to be recorded and saved in FULL HD, 4K UHD, 2D and 3D quality
  • AIDA® C allows one image source to be recorded and saved in FULL HD, 2D quality
  • AIDA® offers an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist
  • AIDA® and AIDA® C reduce turnover times due to the intelligent export manager with automated data storage in the background
  • AIDA® and AIDA® C integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures and exchange data with other systems using common standard interfaces
  • When combined with SCENARA®, AIDA® and AIDA® C represent complete solutions for image and video management inside and outside the OR


The modular application platform to support your OR processes

As a modular and expandable application platform, SCENARA® offers numerous functions to optimize processes in various areas in and around the operating room.

  • SCENARA® Content Management ensures easy and intuitive administration, editing, and storage of the content generated along the patient care pathway.
  • Convenient real-time audio and video transmission using SCENARA® Collaboration Management allows coordination between operating rooms and different hospital departments as well as virtual education and training.
  • Automated processes enable the SCENARA® Pathway Management to provide an optimal overview of activities in and around the operating room. The SCENARA® .DASHBOARD offers an overview of the occupancy status of all operating rooms whereas the SCENARA® .DOORSIGN provides detailed information about the room and procedure status in real time with a LED-Frame that lights up in color depending on the OR-Status.
  • Images, videos, and reports can be accessed from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, so data is available anytime, anywhere for maximum flexibility.
  • Standardized interfaces such as HL7 and DICOM guarantee compatibility with common hospital information and archiving systems, and up-to-date security guidelines ensure data protection and data security.

More information about how KARL STORZ digitizes processes within the OR and beyond can be found HERE


Remote patient care coordination

Buddy Healthcare is a cooperation partner of KARL STORZ and digitizes clinical care pathways to remotely monitor and guide patients.

The BuddyCare platform supports healthcare professionals in automating and managing care pathways. The platform consists of a mobile app for patients and a web-based dashboard for hospitals and clinics. Patients are educated and guided through their entire care pathway by using the app. Using the dashboard, practitioners can monitor and manage patient progress, as well as collect and analyze important data.

Benefits for Patients

  • 24/7 access to all care-related information & educational material
  • Transparency in care progress & access to all needed information whenever, wherever
  • Conversation feature connects patients remotely to healthcare professionals
  • Easy completion of digital forms when and where it is convenient for patients
  • Option to include patient relatives in the care process
  • Supporting patient engagement in their own care, to foster better outcomes


Benefits for Hospitals & Clinics

  • Secure communication channel between patient & care team
  • Automate patient monitoring for multiple patients
  • Significantly reduce administrative time & paperwork
  • Increase patient compliance to help reduce no-shows & cancellations
  • Data collection & analysis for operational decision-making
  • Modular platform can be used across different medical specialties and departments


More information about how KARL STORZ digitizes processes within the OR and beyond can be found HERE


*BuddyCare will be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The first roll out is in Germany.

HA3D® *

Reconstruct. Plan. Treat.

Medics S.r.l., cooperation partner of KARL STORZ, developed Hyper Accuracy 3D® (HA3D®*) to obtain a high fidelity interactive 3D reconstruction of the anatomy of each patient, of different pathologies and of any anatomical area.

By combining quality and high-end technologies, Medics S.r.l. realizes virtual, patient-specific anatomical reconstructions with a high degree of precision. Approved as a medical device, this HA3D®* model is the result of close collaboration between engineers and medical professionals, combining technical knowledge with clinical experience.


  • HA3D®* reconstruction as a medical device
  • Better understanding of clinical and anatomical situations
  • Tailor-made, patient-specific procedure
  • A tool to support the planning and execution of complex surgeries
  • Cloud portal called MyMedics
  • Application areas in general and visceral surgery as well as in urology

*HA3D® is available in Germany, Italy and Spain.

OR1™ CollaboratOR

Large format 4K UHD multitouch monitor with integrated PC for the visualization of information and for communication

  • Available in various sizes
  • 12x zoomable dashboard
  • Needs-oriented and workflow-based preset function
  • Digital whiteboard for modern teamwork
  • Integrated web browsers
  • Display and use of classic hospital software solutions such as HIS, PACS, and RIS

OR1™ InWall Solution

OR Integration – almost invisible

  • Efficient workplace design meets
    • Smart enclosure of OR Integration technology
    • Improved ergonomics
  • Easy and fast installation in the OR: The OR can be put into operation quickly and is ready for use within a very short time
  • Space-saving solution for holding the complete technology system in the OR and for fast service
  • Touch screen and large screen are behind glass which simplifies cleaning and improves hygiene


Touchless work for the highest hygiene demands

  • Gesture control for maximum hygienic safety offered by the latest OR light: LEDVISION® 101
  • Documentation of the surgical procedure under sterile conditions via a centrally integrated and cordless HD camera
  • Abundant light for large or small surgical fields, for critical cases and even deep body cavities
  • True-color light for an accurate display of even the tiniest nerve and vessel structures
  • Cool light that is gentle on the patient during longer procedures and provides the surgeon with a comfortable work environment
  • Shadow-free lighting with sharp contours thanks to multiple LED light sources
  • Integrated in the KARL STORZ OR1™ system – with convenient control, even from the sterile field


The light with the extraordinary touch

LEDVISION® 65 combines the light quality of KARL STORZ surgical lighting with the demands placed on modern examination lights.

  • High illumination intensity for examinations and minor procedures
  • Illumination intensity adjustable in three levels through gesture control
  • Energy-efficient LED light with excellent color rendering and integrated dimmer
  • Equipped with a sterilizable handle for maximum hygienic safety
  • Light on/off in case of repositioning
  • Available as a ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or floorstand model to allow versatile use


The basis of the OR – ceiling pendant systems from KARL STORZ

  • Ceiling-supported solutions for any task – whether you need to position a single device or lift and position a heavyweight anesthesia machine
  • Optimal space utilization: Up to six height-adjustable shelves can be attached to the ORBITER® media column
  • Rigid and motorized extension arms and media columns
  • The electromagnetic passive brake system (MOVE + STOP) allows smooth maneuvering and secure positioning of the equipment
  • ENVILED – indirect and dimmable LED light strips in the support arm or the media column for optimal lighting during endoscopic procedures

Available versions:
Customized solutions for anesthesiology, surgery and endoscopy.

Centralized Control of your Operating Room!

Pioneer in the remote control of medical equipment

  • Centralized control of medical equipment in both the sterile and non-sterile areas
  • Convenient OR setup thanks to one-touch snapshot preset function
  • Unique unit control with RUI (Realistic User Interface) in combination with cockpit view in FULL HD
  • Embedded high safety standards through observance of Medical Class IIb
    and the latest cyber security standards
  • Space-saving due to smaller housing


Examination room concepts

OFFICE1 describes a modular room concept that optimizes the structure, workflow und quality of the medical examination process. To this end, KARL STORZ analyzed the workflow of medical examinations and derived the following requirements:

  • Maximum compliance with hygiene requirements
  • Clear division of functional zones
  • Customization of furnishings to the user's work methods
  • Maximum ergonomic support
  • Improved communication
  • Optimal integration of all utilized equipment
  • Excellent image quality
  • Straightforward and secure documentation of examination results

The result is a modern, unique examination room equipment with an outstanding quality of workmanship, materials and design. Regardless of the specialty – ENT, gynecology, urology or gastroenterology – OFFICE1 facilitates higher diagnosis reliabity and better quality of outcomes as well as an improved understanding of the examination by the patient.

Further information on OFFICE1