Highlights in Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy in Surgery, Gynecology, and Urology

The New Trocar Generation from KARL STORZ

The new trocar generation combines single-use and reusable components. In line with the KARL STORZ company philosophy, the cannulas and trocars were designed with reusable components in mind. The valve seal is intended for single use.

Special Features:

  • Ergonomic shape of the trocar ensures safe and comfortable handling during placement of the trocar
  • One-piece sealing system for single use, now also available as a sterile version
  • Minimal friction between the valve seal and the instrument
  • Considerably reduced weight and good balance thanks to the newly designed plastic trocar housing
  • Color coding for clear identification of different sizes
  • Available in the sizes 2.5 mm – 13.5 mm

New Flexible Trocar Generation

The new trocar generation from KARL STORZ has been expanded to include flexible trocars for use with curved instruments. The flexible trocar system is available in two sizes (6 mm and 11 mm) and with two different trocar types (pyramidal and conical-blunt).

The new DAPRI FLEX trocar (size 6 mm) has been added to the flexible trocar line. Thanks to the high flexibility of its sheath together with the short elastic housing, this trocar is suitable for use with instruments with a very strong curve. The distally mounted anchor ensures an optimal hold in the tissue.

Special Features:

  • Flexible cannulas for use with curved operating instruments
  • Can be combined with ROTATIP® instruments with jaw and sheath rotation
  • Ergonomic shape of the trocar ensures safe and comfortable handling during placement of the trocar
  • One-piece sealing system for single use, now also available as a sterile version

S-PILOT® – The Comprehensive and Automatic Solution for Smoke Evacuation

The S-PILOT® from KARL STORZ offers a solution for smoke evacuation which removes airborne particles quickly and easily from the abdomen to ensure clear visibility. The S-PILOT® automatically starts smoke evacuation when a connected HF unit** is activated. Alternatively, smoke evacuation can be activated independent of a HF unit.

**Compatible with: KARL STORZ AUTOCON® III 400 and several HF units from other manufacturers. More detailed information is available in ENDOWORLD® UNITS 12: S-PILOT® – The solution for smoke evacuation

EndoCAMeleon® Telescope with Variable Direction of View

The ENDOCAMELEON® HOPKINS® telescope with rod lens system and a rigid 10 mm sheath offers a variable direction of view. This allows optimal adjustment of the viewing direction to any OR situation.

Special Features:

  • Variable direction of view 0° – 90°
  • Enhanced illumination
  • Easy-to-use adjustment knob for selecting the direction of view, now with fin
  • Combines the convenient handling of the proven HOPKINS® telescope with the advantages and potential of a telescope offering various directions of view
  • Particularly suitable for use in anatomically narrow working spaces

Fluorescence Imaging

The near-infrared (NIR/ICG) system from KARL STORZ provides visualization beyond the tissue surface. Near-infrared (NIR) technology makes it possible to visualize the distribution of the fluorescent contrast agent indocyanine green (ICG), which enables enhanced visualization of anatomical structures such as the biliary ducts, the lymphatic system and blood vessels.

Special Features:

  • Fluorescence mode with background illumination
  • Rapid switchover via footswitch between white light and ICG modes
  • Telescopes for endoscopic and open surgical interventions (VITOM®)
  • In addition to 10 mm telescopes, telescopes with a diameter of 5 mm (0° and 30°) are also available now
  • Optimal illumination and contrast enhancement thanks to the IMAGE1 S camera platform
  • Now with new imaging option: Choice between green and blue fluorescence coloring

Source: Niclas Kvarnström, M.D, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden
Source: Niclas Kvarnström, M.D, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

The selective administration of ICG assists the identification of various liver segments during partial liver resection in both laparoscopic and open surgical procedures. Partial liver resection requires a sound knowledge of the existing course of the vessel and the boundaries of the individual segments while taking the diverse anatomical features of the blood vessels into consideration:

  • The tumor is localized pre- or intraoperatively aided by CT, MRI and ultrasound techniques
  • ICG is injected into the supply vessel of the segment
  • Fluorescence allows easy differentiation of the affected segment from the adjacent non-fluorescing segments

ICG fluorescence can also help to detect bile leakage following liver segmentectomy or liver transplantation procedures.

Scope Warmer

For fog-free work and brilliant imaging

  • No fogging of the endoscope, providing greater patient safety and reducing surgery time
  • Convenient handling as no other heat source (electricity, warm water, etc.) is required
  • Product is sterile on delivery and is ready for immediate use
  • Two scopes can be heated in the warmer at the same time
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Can be used for approx. 2 hours after activation

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CLICKline Single-use Scissors

Simply Sharp!

The new single-use scissor inserts can be combined with all reusable handles in the KARL STORZ CLICKLINE series, providing a practical solution for regular use or as a backup system.

Special Features:

  • Scissor blades are always sharp, resulting in optimal cutting effect
  • Inserts sterile-packed in individual blister packs and delivered in packages of 10 in a dispenser box
  • Proven scissor blade designs
  • Cost-effective solution: “Single-use meets reusable”
  • Color coding allows clear identification of the single-use components

CLICKline Working Inserts for Single Use

The new cost-efficient combination possibility for laparoscopy

A selection of CLICKLINE working inserts for single use is also available now. These new CLICKLINE single-use inserts can be combined with all reusable handles and outer sheaths (length 36 cm, diameter 5 mm). Due to the modular CLICKLINE system, the user can individually assemble the desired instrument at any time.

Special Features:

  • Selection of the most commonly used KARL STORZ CLICKLINE working inserts for single use
  • Inserts sterile-packed in individual blister packs and delivered in packages of 10 in a dispenser box
  • Diverse combination possibilities
  • "Single-use meets reusable" – a cost-efficient solution for laparoscopy


Rotating Bipolar Grasping Forceps and Scissors in sizes 3.5 mm and 5 mm

The new generation of ROBI® instruments allows precise work on tissue. The enhanced instrument design and the materials used ensure the highest mechanical stability.

Special Features:

  • Available in sizes 3.5 and 5 mm
  • Robust joint mechanism in conjunction with the force limiter ensures powerful, yet safe grasping
  • Ideal in combination with the new high-end HF unit AUTOCON® III 400 with a mode specially adapted to ROBI® instruments
  • For optimal cleaning: Can be dismantled into individual components

Flexible Video-Choledochoscopes

The flexible video choledochoscopes from KARL STORZ allow exploration of both the intra- and extrahepatic bile ducts as well as the surgical removal of gallstones.

Special Features:

  • “Chip-on-the-tip” technology for excellent image quality
  • Compatible with the IMAGE1 S platform and backward-compatible to IMAGE 1 HUB™ HD
  • Menu navigation via camera head (e.g., Picture-in-Picture)
  • Minimal sheath circumference – 2.8 and 5.3 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable deflection up to 270°
  • Direct transmission of hand movements through to the distal end

Needle Holder with Righting Function

KARL STORZ has expanded its portfolio to include a new needle holder with a needle righting function. The needle holder offers significant time and handling advantages, especially for interrupted suturing. The needle, which is clamped flat in the needle holder, can be raised at the site by means of the rotary wheel.

Special Features:

  • Righting function for the clamped needle by turning the rotary wheel
  • The ergonomic handle design allows relaxed and precise work
  • The smooth-running, precisely settable ratchet facilitates secure positioning of the needle

NATHANSON Liver Retractors

The new NATHANSON liver retractors are particularly characterized by a large and atraumatic surface area.

Special Features:

  • Large surface area for the stable retraction of the entire liver
  • Fatigue-free retraction when used in conjunction with a mechanical holding system
  • Available in three sizes

Instrument Set for Minilaparoscopy

Minilaparoscopy has now become a popular surgical technique as this method – also in hybrid procedures with standard instruments (diameter 5 mm) – represents a flat learning curve for the user and enhanced cosmetic results for the patient.

Special Features:

  • Complete instrument set for minilaparoscopy (diameter 3.5 mm) available (trocars, unipolar and bipolar instruments, suction-irrigation systems, suture and ligature instruments)
  • Modular design: 3-part dismantling instruments for maximum hygiene and variability
  • Diverse combination possibilities thanks to a wide range of jaws with various outer sheaths and CLICKLINE handles
  • Additional stability due to combination with metal outer sheath
  • Rotating bipolar instruments (diameter 3.5 mm)

ENDOBAG Extraction Bags

Special features:

  • Each extraction bag pre-packaged in an insertion aid: easy insertion through 10 mm trocar
  • Simple insertion of the extraction bag through the pusher. The trocar can then be used for other instruments
  • Self-opening ENDOBAG: no time-consuming opening of the extraction bag
  • Unique, patented shape: simplified retrieval of the ENDOBAG, in some cases preventing enlargement of the incision
  • Tear-resistant and transparent material: high levels of safety and protection from contamination

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