Endorsement of STERRAD® NX™/100NX™ Systems for KARL STORZ Airway Management Devices Announced

05/08/2009 | Our company

EL SEGUNDO, CA (August 5, 2009) – KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a leader in diagnostic and operative minimally invasive endoscopic technology, states that it is now endorsing the STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems as compatible sterilization methods for one of the company’s advanced airway management systems, the C-MAC™ Video Laryngoscopes. The endorsements follow completion of sterilization validation and device functionality studies performed by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). Testing was performed in accordance with recognized ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards and guidelines, as well as pertinent FDA requirements. The company previously announced the compatibility of the STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Systems for sterilization of KARL STORZ Flexible Fiberscopes, including all of the company’s Flexible Intubation Scopes.

The STERRAD® NX™ and STERRAD® 100NX™ Systems both provide a rapid sterilization method for moisture-sensitive instruments that helps Sterile Processing Departments ensure optimum availability of ready-to-use inventories of sterile instruments “What this means is that this method represents the ideal sterilization solution for KARL STORZ C-MAC™ Video Laryngoscopes, helping streamline turnaround time significantly for greater efficiency and productivity,” says Bernd Bay, Marketing Manager, Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, KARL STORZ.

The KARL STORZ C-MAC™ Video Laryngoscope is the only product of its type that is endorsed as being compatible with the STERRAD® NX™/100NX™ Systems. For easier, more secure processing, KARL STORZ also offers sterilization trays specifically for this device to protect it during sterilization.

The C-MAC™ Video Laryngoscope has been designed for mobile use with virtually no learning curve because of the stainless-steel standard blade shapes used. Built-in functions include quick and simple recording of still images and video sequences that can be saved to an SD memory card, making documentation easier. The distally mounted CMOS chip of the C-MAC™ provides at least an 80° field of view and a 60° angle of view for optimum visualization.