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Karl Storz Announces New Sponsorship to Help Connect EMS Providers With Grant Application and Funding Resources for Research and Patient Care

09/12/2022 |

EL SEGUNDO, CA (December 9, 2022) – KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. is sponsoring an innovative program to facilitate efforts by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and similar prehospital services to locate and benefit from resources that can be used to prepare and submit applications for third-party grants and funding to support research and/or patient care. The principal goal of the program is to help these essential public safety organizations apply for independent grant funding necessary to offer patients state-of-the-art airway management solutions.

The Grant Assistance Program (GAP) from, made possible in part through the sponsorship of KARL STORZ, offers an array of services and tools to help customers more effectively address their needs in applying for available grant funding. Intended for those who lack sufficient budgets to procure advanced airway products and technologies, customers who use the program will benefit from enhanced access to grant application services and resources that can be used to increase opportunities for grant funding.

Current estimates indicate that more than $600 billion in grants from federal, state, and private resources are available each year to public safety organizations, as well as local governments. Many such organizations, however, lack adequate time, research resources, and staffing to tap into and develop effective funding from grant sources. The GAP solution offered by, made possible in part through the sponsorship of KARL STORZ, provides targeted resources and visibility into grants available in a particular area. Access to personalized grant consulting and assistance from grant experts is also provided along with access to grant-writing services. In addition, GAP customers can benefit from public relations support when announcing developments in grant funding.

For more detailed information about GAP and related solutions and programs, visit and


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