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Full Service from a Single Source

For more than 75 years, the KARL STORZ name has been synonymous with superior visualization technology and surgical instrumentation. By choosing KARL STORZ as a service provider, you will continue to have unmatched visualization and precision throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Only KARL STORZ’s highly trained and certified service technicians have access to proprietary parts and technology, guaranteeing the highest quality repaired or replaced devices while also ensuring compliance with the FDA guidelines for repair, cleaning, and sterilization of medical devices.

Through our service portfolio, we can develop a customized plan that is tailored to protect your equipment investment and address your specific needs.

E-Class® Exchange Program: Elevating the Standard Repair Process

You and your patients deserve endoscopes that meet the same high-quality standards and perform as reliably as brand-new endoscopes after every service. The KARL STORZ E-Class® exchange program was built on that philosophy.

Our E-Class® Exchange program elevates the standard repair process by enabling you to exchange your damaged KARL STORZ products with like-new equipment at repair prices. Our E-Class® exchange endoscopes are built to brand-new endoscope quality standards, so you receive best-in-class optics, illumination, and deflection every time with KARL STORZ service. Replacements are received in as early as 24 hours and come with the latest technology upgrades (within the existing model).

Unlike traditional repair programs, with E-Class® Exchange, you receive:

  • Little to no downtime with quick turnaround on exchanges 
  • Maximized efficiency with a hassle-free process and no loaners needed 
  • Reduced need for a capital equipment repurchase in the near future 
  • Lowered long-term costs and total cost of ownership 

KARL STORZ Service Contracts & Programs

KARL STORZ understands that the total cost of ownership (TCO) for surgical equipment and endoscopes includes a critical service component. To reduce TCO, KARL STORZ offers PROTECTION1® service contracts and programs, which are designed to reduce down time, retain initial equipment quality, and reduce repair costs. KARL STORZ tailors its data-driven service solutions with each healthcare provider to deliver cost savings and performance enhancements, allowing focus to remain on patient care and outcomes.

  • Plan service budget ahead of time
  • Avoid unexpected expenses during the year
  • Gain access to accredited ongoing staff training & education
  • Technical support both on and off-site
  • Asset management
  • Preventive maintenance
Comprehensive Service Agreements
Hassle-free service with reliable protection

Comprehensive Service Agreements (CSA) provide repair or replacement on any failure or breakage of the covered equipment during the term of the contract without additional charge. CSAs are available for a single product or entire KARL STORZ product portfolio at a single facility or multiple facilities. The CSA combines hassle-free service with reliable protection against unforeseen downtime and unanticipated costs.

  • Customizable plan – term length, single or multi-facility, and single or multiple products
  • Predictable fixed monthly payments
  • Minimized OR downtime with rapid turnaround times

Products eligible for coverage include:

  • Rigid Telescopes
  • Select Flexible Endoscopes
  • Electromechanical Devices
  • Camera Heads and Video Equipment
  • Instruments
Rigid Scope Partnership Program
Get discounted rigid telescopes along with 3 years of service coverage

Do you need a refresh of your rigid telescope inventory, but have limited capital? Our Rigid Scope Purchase Program (RSPP) allows you to purchase discounted rigid telescopes combined with 3 years of comprehensive service coverage. With RSPP, you can manage a key part of your budget more effectively, while reducing downtime with continual access to our best-in-class telescopes.

  • Choose from a wide variety of telescope sizes to best match your needs
  • Upfront or 36-month payment options available
  • 5-scope minimum applies
FLEXPack Service Agreements
FLEXPack Service Agreements

FLEXPack service agreements provide a fixed number of replacements on any failure or breakage of the covered equipment during a 1 to 3-year term. With FLEXPack, you can purchase the number of replacements you need at a discounted rate. If the number of purchased repair/replacements is exceeded before the end of the contract term, simply add more at the same discounted rate. FLEXPack enables you to continually have access to operationally ready equipment with the highest quality at the lowest cost.

  •  Measure and compare service costs on a cost-per-case basis
  •  Only purchase what is needed – no additional fees or premiums
  •  Reduced downtime

Products eligible for coverage include:

  • Select Flexible Endoscopes
  • Video Laryngoscope Blades

KARL STORZ understands that in today’s environment, many healthcare providers are faced with the need for new technology but have limited budget to spend. As a solution, we are offering the FLEXChoice program, which allows you to finance new KARL STORZ flexible video endoscopes plus the discounted service coverage through a FLEXPack Service Agreement. With FLEXChoice, you can get what you need right away and pay monthly over a 3-year term.

•    Have financial security by preserving working capital
•    Budget more accurately with predictable spending
•    Enhance your experience and desired outcomes by having the latest 

Products eligible for coverage include:
Select Flexible Video Endoscopes

On-site Endoscopic Specialist Program
On-site Endoscopic Specialist Program

An On-Site Endoscopic Specialist (OES) is a certified, dedicated KARL STORZ representative located in your facility full-time. The OES protects equipment by performing daily equipment maintenance and providing immediate KARL STORZ support in the OR and SPD. Focusing on problem prevention and not just problem solving, the OES keeps instrumentation like new for every patient, every time.

  • Immediate KARL STORZ support located on-site
  • Daily equipment maintenance and management
  • Operating Room and Sterile Processing Department support


KARL STORZ also offers a full-service OES option, which provides an all-in-one solution with comprehensive support and insights for any MIS procedure and equipment, including non-KARL STORZ equipment. This option includes a Comprehensive Service Agreement, 24/7 expertise with multiple OES, insightful data analytics, and equipment management.

  • Fee-per-case or monthly billing options
  • Expert on-site team, 24/7 expertise
  • Vendor-agnostic equipment management
PROTECTION1<sup>®</sup> Repair-Exchange Service Program
Individual support, original manufacturer quality, latest technologies

Our Repair-Exchange Service Program is a fee-per-repair program that does not require a contract. This program provides for the exchange of damaged instruments and endoscopes for like-new products certified to meet 100% of the specifications of new KARL STORZ equipment at competitive repair prices. Rigorous quality assurance standards and attention to detail are the hallmarks of KARL STORZ quality. Customers’ capital investment is protected through the exclusive use of continuously trained service engineers and genuine KARL STORZ parts.

  • No contract required
  • One price for standard rigid telescopes regardless of size or type

KARL STORZ’s highly skilled Field Service Specialists are available to provide routine preventive maintenance inspections, perform minor repairs on-site, facilitate repair exchanges for rigid and flexible endoscopes, and offer in-service accredited education for OR and SPD staff.

  • Routine preventive maintenance inspections
  • Timely on-site minor repairs
  • In-service accredited education for OR and SPD staff

Analysis and Education

Key aspects of controlling and lowering the total cost of ownership of reusable surgical technology are reduction of downtime, retention of initial equipment quality, and the containment of repair costs. To effectively influence these aspects, it is important to ensure that staff members are adequately and regularly trained and educated on critical equipment care topics.

KARL STORZ understands that operationally ready equipment is important to you and your practice. stayREADY is a program that provides preventive maintenance evaluations of KARL STORZ equipment to maintain optimal performance, providing you peace of mind.

  • Preventive maintenance evaluations by certified KARL STORZ personnel
  • Enhanced efficiency with operationally ready equipment
  • Improved staff satisfaction and experience with our product

The Academy of Clinical Education is designed to educate all experience levels on topics such as device care and handling, reprocessing, emerging technologies and service solutions. KARL STORZ partners with clinical educators to enable OR and SPD staff to earn continuing education units (CEU) through societies such as AORN and HSPA.

  • Available to all KARL STORZ customers at no additional charge
  • Ongoing accredited staff training
  • Earn CEUs through AORN and HSPA


Cleaning and Sterilization is a fundamental component of reusable medical equipment, and therefore, requires a high degree of professional competence and responsibility from all parties involved.