KARL STORZ NDTec – Driving NDT Solutions

Industrial Endoscopes for Nondestructive Testing

KARL STORZ NDTec offers quality products for the inspection and maintenance of technical objects and difficult-to-access cavities. The excellent image quality, robustness, and multifunctionality of our endoscopes support customers in visual inspection and in the measuring of technical components, systems, and industrial plants.

Videoscopes, rigid and flexible endoscopes (borescopes and fiberscopes), cameras as well as documentation and measuring systems – combined with high service availability – make routine work easier for technicians, inspectors, quality officers, and engineers.

The joint venture KARL STORZ NDTec, which incorporates the strengths of two experts in a future-oriented manner, stands for this innovative product diversity: The endoscopy specialist KARL STORZ from Tuttlingen (Germany), which has been established worldwide since 1945, and the innovative specialty supplier for videoscopy, NDTec from Walsdorf (Germany), combined their expertise in 2018.

KARL STORZ NDTec develops future-oriented solutions for everyday problems in industry. As a reliable and experienced partner, we apply our product and industry experience for the benefit of customers from the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive technology and transportation
  • Power generation
  • Process industry
  • Security
  • Infrastructure