The New RoTalock™ Trocar

The TAN RoTalock™ trocar is a self-retaining trocar that was especially developed for neonatal surgery / pediatric laparoscopic surgery.

Special Features:

  • Distal tip of the cannula enables fixation directly under the abdominal wall and prevents the cannula from slipping out of the abdominal wall
  • Due to the short length of the sheath, the distal tip of the cannula does not hinder opening of the jaws
  • One-piece sealing system for single use (unsterile)
  • Available in sizes 3.5 mm and 6 mm

E.P.Si.T. – Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

The pilonidal sinus is an acute or chronic inflammatory process in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, often occurring in the sacrococcygeal region1. E.P.Si.T. – Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment – proceeds in two phases. In the first – diagnostic – phase, the sinus cavity and the sinus tracts are examined. The aim of the second – therapeutic – phase is to ablate the abscess cavity and to eliminate the fistula2. Both phases are performed under direct endoscopic control.

Special Features:

  • E.P.Si.T. can be performed in an outpatient setting
  • Ablation of the abscess cavity and elimination of the fistula under direct vision
  • High patient satisfaction3
  • Straightforward, safe, effective and reproducible method of treatment3
  • Instruments can also be used to treat anal fistulas (VAAFT technique)


1 AWMF Summary of the S3 Guidelines 081/009: Sinus pilonidalis

2 Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment: A Prospective Multicentre Trial. P. Meinero et al., 2016

3 Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, Giarratano G et al., 2017

Bronchoscopy Instrumentation for Children

KARL STORZ offers bronchoscopy instruments that have been tailored to the anatomy of children. These include bronchoscopes in various sizes and lengths as well as optical forceps and accessories. The smallest bronchoscope allows interventions such as foreign body removal and biopsies to be performed on newborns and small children under optical control.

Special features of the bronchoscopy instrumentation:

  • Special surface treatment for optimal gliding properties of the bronchoscope sheath
  • Atraumatic bronchoscope tip for patient-friendly insertion
  • Wide range of diverse forceps for foreign body removal and biopsy

The telescope bridge, which is firmly locked onto the rigid bronchoscope, simplifies camera-guided intubation and protects against rod lens breakage. This guarantees a constant view of the distal end of the bronchoscope.

The optical forceps feature a new patented sheath design that simplifies handling during cleaning. The modified handle with force limitation minimizes the risk of jaw breakage.

New Trocar Generation for Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery

The newly designed trocar generation combines single use with reusable components. Whereas cannulas and trocars feature a design with reusable components, the new valve seal is intended for single use.

Special Features:

  • The ergonomic shape of the trocar ensures safe and reliable handling during placemen
  • The new plastic trocar housing ensures that the weight is considerably reduced and the trocar is well-balanced
  • One-piece sealing system for single use (package of 10)
  • Minimal friction between the valve seal and the instrument
  • Available in diameters 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 6 mm with a working length of 5 cm

Three-part Dismantling CLICKline Series for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

The CLICKLINE instrument line (diameter 3.5 mm, length 20 cm) for pediatric laparoscopic surgery features great stability while its efficient, modular construction offers a high level of flexibility.

Special Features:

  • Working length (20 cm) adapted to the special requirements of pediatric laparoscopy
  • Modular concept: 3-part dismantling instruments fulfil the highest hygiene demands while offering the best possible variability
  • Diverse combination possibilities thanks to a wide range of jaws with various outer sheaths and CLICKLINE handles
  • Additional stability thanks to combination with metal outer sheath
  • Working inserts with fully integrated joints

In addition to this instrument line (3.5 mm, three-part dismantling) we also offer 3 mm instruments with a length of 20 cm (two-part dismantling). Further information can be found in the main Laparoscopy catalog.


Rotating Bipolar Grasping Forceps and Scissors for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

The rotating and bipolar instruments are now available for the first time with a diameter of 3.5 mm and a working length of 20 cm and allow precise work on tissue. The enhanced instrument design and materials used ensure the highest mechanical stability. The force limiter integrated in the handle prevents the jaws from overloading. Color coding on the forceps insert and the handle enables clear identification of the new, modular ROBI® components.

Special Features:

  • Rotating and bipolar instruments, for the first time with a diameter of 3.5 mm,
    working length 20 cm
  • Jaws with robust hinge in conjunction with force limiter allows precise and secure grasping
  • Insulated outer sheath, 360° rotating sheath
  • Modular construction for optimal cleaning

New Pyloric Knife with Knife Insert for Single Use

The KARL STORZ instrument set for pyloromyotomy has been expanded to include a new pyloric knife for pediatric surgery.

Special Features:

  • Knife insert (package of 10) for optimal cutting
  • Ergonomic and reusable handle
  • Integrated ratchet mechanism allows the knife insert to be locked in 8 positions and extended to the desired length in a controlled manner
  • Markings on the knife insert to control the extended length of the knife
  • Protective cap for safe assembly and disassembly of the knife insert


The new insufflator with integrated heating element and sensitive mode for laparoscopic pediatric surgery

Special Features:

  • Optimized control of the insufflation pressure for pediatric applications as well as safety limits for pressure (up to max. 15 mmHg) and flow (up to max. 15 l/min)
  • Stable OR field thanks to innovative regulation
  • Gas heating adapts to various ambient conditions and reliably prevents telescope fogging
  • In combination with the S-PILOT™ smoke evacuation system, creates optimal viewing conditions and a stable OR field, even in small cavity surgery*

* Further information on the S-PILOT™ smoke evacuation system is available in the UNITS Highlights

Thin, Pediatric System for Pediatric Urology

From childhood to old age, size plays a crucial role in urology. The pediatric system from KARL STORZ for newborn babies and children offers urologists and pediatric urologists or surgeons significant enhancements in urological care. The development of the 1.2 mm miniature telescope enables the further reduction of the previous cystoscopes, reflux cystoscopes, urethrotomes and resectoscopes while offering a new product line with special instruments for the field of pediatric urology.

Special Features:

  • Excellent optical quality with the smallest possible diameter
  • Straightforward and gentle patient treatment thanks to the smallest possible sheath size
  • Bifunctional working element – pediatric resectoscope and urethrotome
  • Special sheath for the treatment of vesicoureteral reflux

Operating Cystoscope-Urethroscope for Children

For straightforward and gentle treatment

The operating cysto-urethroscopes with atraumatic tip and excellent gliding properties provide the operating surgeon with enhanced possibilities for diagnosis as well as straightforward and gentle treatment of the patient. The straight working channel and the excellent telescope significantly enhance the efficient performance of various procedures.

Special Features:

  • Atraumatically shaped distal end of sheath with rounded tip
  • Minimal sheath diameter
  • Maximum irrigation due to the large, straight working channel

KOH and LIMA Needle Holders for Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery

KARL STORZ offers a selection of needle holders in size 3.5 mm for laparoscopic pediatric surgery. Their most outstanding features are their ergonomic handles and smooth-running, precisely settable ratchets.

Special Features:

KOH Needle Holder

  • Two types of jaws: Curved to left or right, each with tungsten carbide inserts to ensure stable, secure holding of the needle
  • Disengageable ratchet mechanism to enable relaxed and precise work

LIMA Needle Holder

  • Axial ring handle with hemostat-style ratchet for optimal fixation of the needle
  • Lightweight design allows fatigue-free work