H3-M COVIEW® – FULL HD Imaging for Operating Microscopes

Operating microscopes from the manufacturers CARL ZEISS MEDITEC, LEICA MICROSYSTEMS and MÖLLER-WEDEL can be equipped with the FULL HD microscope camera H3-M COVIEW®. A suitable QUINTUS® TV adaptor is used to establish the connection.

With this high-quality imaging system, assistants and OR nurses are able to co-observe surgical procedures. Images and videos can be saved in a high resolution or transmitted directly from the operating room to a lecture hall.

The system also provides cost benefits as components from endoscopy (camera control unit, monitor, AIDA™ archiving system) can be used.

The microscope camera is part of the IMAGE1 S FULL HD camera platform and is equipped with the CLARA, CHROMA and SPECTRA technologies.


Fluorescence Imaging in Open Surgery


The VITOM® ICG system allows fluorescence imaging in open surgery. At the same time, the IMAGE1 camera platform provides brilliant and high-contrast FULL HD images. An easy transition between the white light mode and excitation light for ICG is possible via a footswitch.

Cost benefits may arise as components from the minimally invasive KARL STORZ ICG system can also be used. To enable fluorescence imaging in open surgery, only the telescope must be exchanged and a holding system added. High-quality visualization under white light is of course retained in the VITOM® ICG system.


Fields of application for VITOM® ICG:

  • Perfusion assessment in the case of anastomoses or flap plasty*
  • Lymph node detection*
  • Bile duct visualization* 

* The approval of the fluorescence markers and their application may vary due to national regulations.