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Educational Grants

KARL STORZ is dedicated to supporting independent, high-quality scientific and medical educational programs and events that have scientific or clinical merit related to minimally invasive medical procedures in virtually all surgical specialties and complete Endosurgical solutions.  This support is provided through educational grants that consist of monetary support and/or the long- or short-term use of KARL STORZ products and/or accessories .  Examples of grants provided, following request review and approval, include educational activities, scientific conferences, seminars, meetings, and presentations.  Upon receiving a request through the KARL STORZ grant request portal, the KARL STORZ Grant Committee will review based on the decision metrics specified below.  The KARL STORZ grant request portal allows requestors seeking support for medical educational grants to submit a request and be guided through the electronic submission process.  

Grant Office

The KARL STORZ Grant Office accepts and evaluates requests for monetary support and/or short-term support for the use of KARL STORZ products for relevant medical or scientific educational programs or events to advance medical education, new technologies, and to improve the patient experience.  

Clinical Training & Innovation (CTI)

The KARL STORZ Clinical Training and Innovation (CTI) Program accepts and evaluates requests for longer-term grants of KARL STORZ products to support skills acquisition in a pre-clinical setting for trainees and learners aspiring to become healthcare providers.  


Please note the following key dates for submitting long-term equipment grant requests:

  • October 15, 2023 – Relaunch Date
  • February 01, 2024 – Final date for Submission Requests
  • May 06, 2024 – Assessments, Grant Committee
  • May 13, 2024 – Grant Committee Decisions Notification to Requestors
  • August 01, 2024 – Agreement Completion for Approved Requests

To request scientific or medical education program or event grant support, please visit our medical educational grant request portal.  

How to Submit a Medical Educational Grant Request

Please see the below steps to submit a medical educational grant request and the required documents to upload.  We recommend that a requestor has a single operational/administrative point of contact who can submit and manage the request. 


  1. Submit grant request using the medical educational grant request portal
  2. Enter grant request information & upload required documents as indicated 
  3. If necessary, pursuant to your organization’s procedures, notify the applicable individuals or offices/departments that an educational grant request is in process 


  1. Letter of Request for the medical educational grant
  2. W9 & IRS determination letter of the requesting organization
  3. Accreditation provided by the program or activity to attendees, if applicable
  4. Budget Revenue + Expenses
  5. Event Agenda, including curriculum and anticipated utilization of product, if applicable 

To request Sponsorship or Exhibit support, please visit our Sponsorship Request Portal. 


Upon receipt of each medical educational grant request, the Grant Office performs a thorough assessment to determine if the educational grant aligns with KARL STORZ decision metrics, merit, budget, and compliance (please see details below).  All requests are reviewed by voting members of the KARL STORZ Grant Committee.  Requestors will be notified by email of the KARL STORZ Grant Committee decision pertaining to their specific medical educational grant request.

  • Medical Educational Grant Requests must be submitted through the KARL STORZ grant request portal a minimum of 60 calendar days prior to the date you require a decision/program start date, whichever is earlier.  
  • If the request is complete and does not require additional information, the typical time-period from the date of request submission to the Grant Committee decision date is approximately 2-4 weeks.  
  • KARL STORZ may reject any request for any reason.  Notwithstanding the above, all decisions are based solely on the clinical/scientific merits of the request and the availability of funding.  
  • KARL STORZ will not make any grant request determinations based on the customer’s relationship with KARL STORZ or the volume or value of business, if any, conducted with KARL STORZ.


Merit Alignment: Grant recipients are independent organizations that have clinical, technical, and scientific education programs or activities relating to specialties, disease states and/or treatments for which KARL STORZ products are used.

Budget Alignment: The Grant Committee assesses requests to ensure financial feasibility.

Compliance Alignment: The Grant Committee reviews requests to ensure they are aligned with the company’s compliance policies and State & Federal guidelines.

To request scientific or medical education program or event grant support, please visit our medical educational grant request portal.

For additional inquiries, please contact the KARL STORZ Grant Office - Americas.


1 Educational programs and events are not required to use KARL STORZ products and/or accessories to be eligible for grant consideration.  Further, the use of KARL STORZ products and/or accessories is not a consideration in the review and approval of requests for educational grants.  Finally, note that all grant support may be subject to public reporting under federal and state transparency laws and regulations, including in Open Payments, in accordance with KARL STORZ policies and applicable legal requirements.