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Continuing Education and Training

Purposeful continued training of staff, customers, and sales partners becomes more important with increasing complexity of surgical techniques and hence of instruments and devices. In response, KARL STORZ experts have developed a comprehensive training program that is continuously adapted to newest developments. In Tuttlingen, training sessions are continually offered for international staff members from marketing and sales to convey foundations as well as specifics about products and their operation and application. These training sessions are constantly improved in educational and methodological respects and are increasingly supplemented with e-learning technologies as well. In special courses, users and endoscopy staff are also systematically taught practical information about instrument handling, maintenance, and care.

Steady advancements in endoscopic surgery techniques also require specific continued education opportunities for physicians and medical assistants to familiarize them with the application of the new treatment methods. KARL STORZ contributes to the advances in endoscopy like few others and is aware of its responsibility for this aspect of medical progress as well; we therefore support training and continued education programs at hospitals and specialized training centers, for instance by supplying the latest instruments and devices for training courses.