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Birmingham Children Hospital, Birmingham

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Ingo Jester, Beratender Kinderchirurg
Ingo Jester, Facharzt für Kinderchirurgie

“With our new facility ‘Waterfall House’ we were fortunate enough to build three new spacious theatres for mainly day case surgery and short stay patients allowing us to push the boundaries of minimally invasive surgery.  We were also looking for a theatre system which allows us to connect other devices with video signal such as microscopes, ultrasound scan machines and image intensifiers to the integrated theatre system. This allows all members of the theatre team to actually see what the surgeon is operating on and to save all recorded images from any connected device easily via KARL STORZ AIDA® in the hospital image database (PACS). For this reason we have chosen the latest KARL STORZ innovation, OR1 MINI, which has brilliant new features of connectivity with the same high image quality and reliability of the ‘big’ OR1 (but without teleconferencing functionality).  In the design of the new theatres it was most important for us to replicate the success of a dedicated laparoscopic theatre which has ceiling mounted monitors and pendants for the KARL STORZ equipment resulting in a clutter-free working space that allows the surgeons to operate in the most ergonomic way for the benefit of the patient.“