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KARL STORZ equips four operating theatres with the latest OR1 technologies at Perituskliniken in Lund, Sweden

24/08/2020 |

Illustration of Perituskliniken in Lund, Sweden © Reflex Arkitekter

Tuttlingen, 24.08.2020: One of Sweden’s most modern private hospitals has been newly built in the Medicon Village, which is a life science research park located in Lund. It offers a meeting place for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in an area of 80,000 m². With a sterilization and X-ray department, nine beds, several examination and recovery rooms, as well as four operating theatres equipped with the latest OR1 technologies, Perituskliniken will be opened in September 2020. The project is funded by a group of private investors and will initially focus on diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the urinary tract and especially treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

Professor Per-Anders Abrahamsson, founder of Perituskliniken © Gugge Zelander

“Complex treatments require experienced specialists and the latest technologies with the best image quality currently available on the market. We are therefore particularly pleased to have KARL STORZ as a provider with many years of expertise in this field”, says Per-Anders Abrahamsson, founder of Perituskliniken. “The entire hospital will be provided with endoscopic equipment from KARL STORZ, and our operating theatres will be fully equipped with the latest OR1 integration and software solutions. One OR will be installed with the compact and interconnecting 4K integration solution OR1 AIR, which supports the surgeon with live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration, A/V management and documentation. The other three operating theatres will benefit from a comprehensive premium integration solution. OR1 NEO® impresses with 4K streaming to auditorium and conference rooms, with bi-directional video conferencing and SCENARA® content management, and supports the surgical team with medical device and room control as well as with 4K documentation solutions.”

The opening of Perituskliniken in Lund will create significant advantages for Sweden and the entire Nordic region. Patients from the surrounding areas will benefit from the private clinic with its well-trained specialists and its brand new and technology-driven operating theatres. Since research, training, diagnostics and treatment will be under one roof, there will be minimal waiting time for all patients with diseases of the urinary tract. Surgeons from the entire Nordic region will be trained in the latest surgical techniques and can visit OR integration solutions in real surroundings. Perituskliniken will also be the first clinic in Europe with three CollaboratORs installed in the operating rooms. This multi-touch screen combines several devices in brilliant 4K UHD image quality and all functions can be opened and operated simultaneously. “There are no other private healthcare providers that have this arrangement in Sweden or the Nordic countries”, describes Per-Anders Abrahamsson.

Åsa Dahm, CEO of Perituskliniken © Gugge Zelander

“Cancer care will become more and more important in the future. We are therefore very proud to open Peritusklinken in September 2020, where researchers and specialists will be able to work closely together and be optimally supported with training courses as well as the latest KARL STORZ equipment and OR1 integration and software solutions”, explains Åsa Dahm, CEO of Perituskliniken. “One year after the opening, we expect to examine approximately 30 patients and to perform 13 surgeries a day.”