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KARL STORZ Visitor Centre – the HOSPITAL1® concept presents innovative integration solutions

29/01/2020 |

Tuttlingen, 1/29/2020: Since 2011, KARL STORZ has been using its 1400 square meter Visitor Centre in Tuttlingen to present the OR1 integration solution and the company’s diverse endoscopy portfolio in the HOSPITAL1® concept to visitors from all over the world. The HOSPITAL1® concept on the Visitor Centre’s ground floor has now been updated to present to existing and prospective customers the newest trends and technology in operating room integration.

More than 18,000 physicians, operating room managers, medical engineers, and other interested people from all over the world have visited the KARL STORZ Visitor Centre since it opened in 2011. On two floors, the Visitor Centre displays everything KARL STORZ stands for as a quality supplier: On the ground floor, KARL STORZ presents the hospital of the future with the entire process chain from patient admission to examination and patient rooms as well as a surgical wing and recovery room.

“This refurbishment allows us to even better show our integration solutions’ flexible application and consistent support of the clinical routine to our customers. The KARL STORZ Visitor Centre is the perfect environment for presenting our solutions’ different expansion levels and the interplay between the different components. We have proven once again that we are an expert partner to hospitals worldwide, offering everything from a smart plug & play solution to the premium segment,” explains Dennis Weiler from the OR1 department.

Interested customers can now experience up close how the innovative integration solutions from KARL STORZ fit into the hospital environment:

One of the two newly equipped operating rooms presents an installation of the modern and space-saving OR1 AIR integration solution, consisting of the modules AIDA® and OR1 .avm. The system facilitates 4K UHD audio/video management, the documentation of all image and video data as well as high resolution video streaming and voice communication with bidirectional telestration. All functions can be easily and quickly controlled using the all-in-one touchscreen with its intuitive user interface. The SCENARA® software solution combines the KARL STORZ documentation solution with information, archiving, and practice information systems. It allows centrally storing, editing, managing, and retrieving image and video data. In combination with the LEDVISION® surgical lights, the additionally installed 4K monitors ensure excellent visualization of the surgical field.

While the smart entry model for integrated operating rooms is installed in this OR, the other updated OR shows everything KARL STORZ has to offer in the premium segment of operating room integration. When walking into the operating room, you immediately notice the wall, which can display any photo to foster a comfortable atmosphere in the OR. An image of a KARL STORZ building illustrates this feature here. The OR1 InWall Solution and the PACS Viewing Station are installed in the adjacent walls.

The OR1 InWall Solution is the space-saving all-in-one solution for the KARL STORZ premium integration products. Wall mounting of the 4K UHD large screen monitor, including the OR integration components for A/V management, communication, OR control, and documentation, eliminates the technology room. The large screen monitor is protected by disinfectant-resistant glass and can display endoscopic, radiographic, and other images in side-by-side or picture-in-picture mode. Technology and functionality are combined with efficient workplace design in compliance with hygiene requirements. The PACS viewing station is wall-mounted and protected by anti-reflective, disinfectant-resistant glass as well. The LCD monitor with integrated PC and stainless steel keyboard allows the retrieval and display of DICOM images and videos from the PACS server. The system offers excellent visualization in FULL HD as well as picture-in-picture and picture-and-picture display.