New Basic Small Animal Arthroscopy Instrument Set

As recommended by Dr. Brian Beale

  • Basic set includes a range of instruments for performing the most common arthroscopic procedures in dogs and cats
  • New designs and small dimensions enable instruments to fit into previously unreachable spaces
  • Strong grasping power
  • Developed in cooperation with Brian Beale, DVM, DACVS, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Texas, USA

New Small Diameter Arthroscopy Knives

For ease of use in tight spaces

  • For treating meniscal injuries, performing tenodesis and cutting soft tissue attachments to bony fragments


Smaller.Brighter.Brilliant Image.

  • FULL HD image resolution (1920 x 1080p, 16 x9 aspect ratio) delivers brilliant, true color images
  • Cost effective FULL HD solution
  • Ergonomic and lightweight (only 130 grams)
  • Part of the IMAGE1 S modular camera platform

Multi-Purpose Rigid Telescopes

Two telescopes, seemingly endless applications

  • The Multi-Purpose Rigid and Mini Multi-Purpose Rigid telescopes are the most versatile endoscopes for use in birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and fish
  • Facilitates a full range of endoscopic applications including coelioscopy, cloacoscopy, cystoscopy, rhinoscopy, otoscopy, vaginoscopy, intubation, oral cavity exams, gender identification and so much more
  • The small and delicate nature of many exotic animals make them ideally suited to endoscopy


The complete mobile endoscopic video and documentation system

  • Compatible with all types of endoscopes, including videoendoscopes, rigid telescopes, fiberscopes and exoscopes
  • Integrates every component necessary for endoscopic imaging: camera, LED light source, monitor, insufflation pump and image capture
  • Compact and lightweight, TELE PACK VET X LED is the ultimate solution for small spaces as well as easy transport and quick set-up for use in multiple examination rooms
  • High performance LED light source assures bright and uniform illumination, with up to 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Image capture system stores still images and videos onto USB drives or SD memory card

C-MAC® Video System

Simple, portable and easy to use

  • The C-MAC® monitor works with either a standard electrical power cord or with a battery for ease of use in the field or the clinic
  • 7" wide view monitor with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • Documentation of still images (JPEG) and videos (MPEG4) on SD or USB flash drive
  • Images and videos can be played back on either the integrated monitor, or on an external monitor
  • Compact, lightweight design is ideal for small spaces

EquiVeo™ Videoendoscope

All-in-one, mobile system for respiratory endoscopy in horses

  • With a slender diameter of just 6 mm and extended length of 150 cm, EQUIVEO™ offers precise endoscopic visual control for examination of all areas of the upper respiratory tract in horses
  • 4-way tip deflection and responsiveness of the insertion tube assure precise and reliable maneuverability
  • Large, high-resolution 5" true color LCD color monitor with impact protection
  • Works with either a standard electrical power cord or rechargeable batteries for ease of use in the clinic or in the field
  • Documentation of still images (JPEG) and videos (ASF) is fully integrated into the system

Large Animal Videoendoscopes

High resolution CCD chip delivers sharp, true color images

  • Ideal for numerous large animal applications, including: Gastroscopy, Esophagoscopy, Tracheoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Urethrocystoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Pharyngoscopy and Laryngoscopy
  • Large working channel facilitates bigger biopsies to ensure a more accurate diagnosis
  • Uniform image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Utilizes the same camera processor and light source as KARL STORZ rigid endoscopes and fiberscopes, which translates into major saving for the busy vet practice wanting to offer a variety of endoscopy services
  • For use in the field, all KARL STORZ large animal videoendoscopes are compatible with TELE PACK VET X LED mobile endoscopic video imaging system

Video Otoscope for Small Animals

Improve your diagnosis of ear disease: treat the cause, not the symptoms

  • Increases client satisfaction and compliance while increasing practice revenue
  • Provides a precise means of assessment of treatment and follow-up, documentation of findings and client education
  • Video otoscopic examinations during wellness check-ups are fast, easy and financially feasible for any practice
  • Large working channel facilitates the use of instruments for taking biopsies, removing foreign bodies, polypectomy, as well as flushing and suctioning for thorough ear cleaning
  • For use with all KARL STORZ video systems, including TELE PACK VET X LED, C-MAC® monitor and SMART SCOPE

VETPUMP® 2 Suction and Irrigation Device

Makes cleaning ears easier than ever before

  • Facilitates thorough ear cleaning under sedation
  • Separate regulation of irrigation pressure ensures precision and safety
  • Versatile handpiece attaches to catheters, irrigation tubes or directly to endoscope or otoscope channel
  • Bottles, tubing and handle are fully autoclavable
  • VETPUMP® 2 can also be used for lavage and suction during gastroscopy and laparoscopy


Document endoscopic images and videos directly on your smartphone

  • Compatible with standard KARL STORZ eyepieces and various smartphones
  • Easily transfer data to your clinic’s computer system
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Convenient for use in the examination room or in the field

Semi-Rigid Foreign Body Retrieval Forceps

For gastroscopy and bronchoscopy in small animals

Special features:

  • For passage alongside any type of scope – rigid or flexible
  • Strong jaws are ideal for grasping foreign bodies, including bones and stones
  • Extended length of 70 cm facilitates use in larger patients

Small Diameter Veterinary Fiberscopes

For respiratory and urogenital endoscopy in small animals

Special features:

  • Veterinary specific dimensions (extended length and reduced diameter) facilitate use in a wide variety of anatomical sites
  • Optical quality of both lens and fiber optic image transmission bundle provide exceptional image output
  • Biopsies, cultures, cytologies or foreign bodies can be extracted via the instrument channel

AIDA mini

Special features:

  • Cost effective, multifunctional image and video recorder
  • Records images and videos in FULL HD quality
  • 320 GB internal hard drive
  • USB port allows for easy data transfer with a standard USB flash drive
  • User-friendly, compact design
  • Quickprint enables fast printing of recorded images directly to a USB color printer (549 MG)
  • DVI, SDI, S-Video, and Composite video signal inputs

Hysteroscope / TCI Endoscope

Special features:

  • Atraumatic distal sheath with rounded tip
  • Minimal shaft diameter, extended length facilitates cervical catherization in small and large patients
  • The large working channel allows the use of rigid instruments and catheters up to 5 Fr.
  • 2 right angled lateral irrigation connections
  • The rigid angled eyepiece makes working more comfortable and ensures easy introduction of catheters and instruments without bending or kinking

SILVER SCOPE® Veterinary Videoendoscopes

Special length and small diameter, specifically for use in veterinary medicine

Special Features:

  • Extended length and sleek diameter is designed specifically for veterinary use – allowing for passage into otherwise “hard-to-reach” areas
  • Large working channel facilitates bigger biopsies to ensure a more accurate diagnosis
  • High resolution CCD chip results in a unique level of image sharpness and true color images
  • Uniform image brightness, even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Durable design for everyday use
  • Utilizes the same camera processor and light source as KARL STORZ rigid endoscopes and fiberscopes, which translates into major savings for the busy vet practice wanting to offer a variety of endoscopy services

Small Animal Laparoscopes

HOPKINS® telescopes with unmatched bright and clear images

Special Features:

  • HOPKINS® telescopes feature a unique rod lens system which delivers uniformly bright, highresolution images
  • Facilitates a wide variety of surgical procedures in the abdomen and chest of small animals, including the following:
    • Biopsy or Aspiration of the liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, lymph nodes, lung and gastrointesital track
    • Laparoscopic ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy
    • Gastropex
    • Cystoscopy
    • Adrenalectom
    • Lung Lobectom
    • Pericardectom
    • Cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopy and thoracoscopy vastly improves a surgeons diagnostic and surgical accuracy, while reducing patient recovery time and improving client satisfaction
  • Allows for many procedures to be safely performed as out-patient surgeries
  • Fully autoclavable


A revolutionary visualization system for open surgery

Special Features:

  • Ideal system for teaching students and residents as it allows for clear, magnified viewing of the surgery from a comfortable, convenient distance, without disruption of the procedure
  • By viewing the surgery on a monitor, the surgeon can work more comfortably, reducing fatigue and eye strain
  • Magnification of patient anatomy improves surgical precision and accuracy of visual diagnoses
  • Image and video capture are valuable for training, education, research and sharing with clients and colleagues
  • Held 25 cm – 75 cm above the workspace by a holding arm, the VITOM® 25 provides the surgeon and support staff ample workspace
  • The VITOM® 25 exoscope utilizes the same video system as other KARL STORZ rigid telescopes, fiberscopes and videoendoscopes
  • For using the VITOM® 25 exoscope a holding device is necessary

ROBI® plus

A reusable 5 mm instrument for grasping, coagulation, and cutting

Special Features:

  • A single 5 mm instrument for grasping, coagulating and cutting using a standard bipolar electrosurgical unit
  • Reusable design is both economical and environmentally friendly
  • Single use knife blades assure precise cutting with every use
  • Ergonomic handle reduces surgeon hand fatigue
  • Available in both 36 cm and 42 cm lengths for use with both standard and operating laparoscopes
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Recommended for use with any KARL STORZ AUTOCON® high frequency electrosurgical unit