Avian and Exotic

Due to their special anatomic characteristics, endoscopy is an ideal examination method for birds and exotic animals. KARL STORZ offers all equipment required for endoscopy in the avian and exotic animal practice.

Multi-Purpose Rigid Telescopes

Two telescopes, seemingly endless applications

  • The Multi-Purpose Rigid and Mini Multi-Purpose Rigid telescopes are the most versatile endoscopes for use in birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and fish
  • Facilitates a full range of endoscopic applications including coelioscopy, cloacoscopy, cystoscopy, rhinoscopy, otoscopy, vaginoscopy, intubation, oral cavity exams, gender identification and so much more
  • The small and delicate nature of many exotic animals make them ideally suited to endoscopy


The complete mobile endoscopic video and documentation system

  • Compatible with all types of endoscopes, including videoendoscopes, rigid telescopes, fiberscopes and exoscopes
  • Integrates every component necessary for endoscopic imaging: camera, LED light source, monitor, insufflation pump and image capture
  • Compact and lightweight, TELE PACK VET X LED is the ultimate solution for small spaces as well as easy transport and quick set-up for use in multiple examination rooms
  • High performance LED light source assures bright and uniform illumination, with up to 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Image capture system stores still images and videos onto USB drives or SD memory card

C-MAC® Video System

Simple, portable and easy to use

  • The C-MAC® monitor works with either a standard electrical power cord or with a battery for ease of use in the field or the clinic
  • 7" wide view monitor with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • Documentation of still images (JPEG) and videos (MPEG4) on SD or USB flash drive
  • Images and videos can be played back on either the integrated monitor, or on an external monitor
  • Compact, lightweight design is ideal for small spaces


Avian anatomy mandates the use of endoscopy in the examination of the avian patient. An avian veterinarian without endoscopic equipment is like a radiologist without radiographic equipment. The most popular system for avian and exotic applications is the Taylor Set "Multi-Purpose Rigid™ Telescope".


Reptile diagnostic tests such as blood chemistries can be very challenging to interpret. But direct visualization of pathology with an endoscope, followed by endoscopic biopsy, can often lead reptile veterinarians to that elusive diagnosis.

Small Mammals

With the dramatic increase in the ownership of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and hamsters comes the demand for the highest quality of veterinary care.

As these pets benefit from improved preventive medical care and husbandry, their lifespans increase. As a result, the incidence of oral cavity disease, particularly dental disease, increases.


The increasing popularity of aquariums all over the world presents challenges to more and more veterinarians in this field.

In many cases, celioscopy of fishes is the easiest way to reach a definitive diagnosis in these difficult species.

  • collection of diagnostic specimens such as organ biopsies, brush cytology, and microbiologic specimens
  • therapeutic procedures, such as parasite removal
  • identification of sex and reproductive status


Exoscope for open surgery

The VITOM® 25 exoscope offers a revolutionary new way of displaying open surgical procedures in an ergonomic and high quality manner. Unlike a traditional endoscope, the VITOM® 25 is an “exoscope” which is placed at a distance of 25 to 75 cm from the surgical site, held securely in place by a holding device, giving the surgeon ample workspace.

The magnified image produced by the VITOM® 25 is viewed on a video monitor. This enables the surgeon and support staff to work together comfortably, significantly reducing surgeon fatigue, while the magnification of structures improves surgical precision and accuracy of diagnosis.

This system is ideal for teaching, as is allows for easy, magnified viewing of the surgery, which can also be transmitted to remote locations, without disruption of the procedure.

The ability to capture and archive images and videos of surgical procedures ensures that a detailed and accurate record of the diagnosis and treatment performed is recorded, while creating a valuable tool for training, education, re-examination at a later time, and sharing with clients and colleagues. 

The VITOM® 25 works with any existing KARL STORZ video system.