OR1™ Veterinary Medicine

The development of minimally invasive surgery in the 1990s has fundamentally changed the work in the OR. However, as a result of the increasingly complex technologies, it quickly became clear that these new techniques could not be optimally used in the existing surgical workspaces.

With the integrated operating room OR1™, KARL STORZ in the late 1990s developed a solution to this problem that has defined the state of the art ever since. Efficient and intuitive operation, simple data recording and documentation, and unhindered data exchange within and outside of the OR represent the "magic triangle" that redefines ergonomics. The entire surgical environment – endoscopic devices, video and data sources, and peripheral devices such as the surgical table or ceiling lights – is strictly tailored to the user and can be controlled from a central location within the sterile area. Teleconferences, telesurgery, and teaching events can be easily conducted thanks to audiovisual networking and integration of the OR into existing hospital information systems. The OR1™ can produce unforeseen synergistic effects in the operating room and hence distinctly improve hospital efficiency.

OR1 NEO® Animation

Experience the advantages of OR1 NEO® and its new Look & Feel in an animation. See for yourself how easily and smoothly you can navigate the system.

Image Description: The animation guides you through some functions and advantages of OR1 NEO®: From device control with 1:1 display of the devices to audio-video functions such as routing and streaming, room control for lights and blinds, and documentation with KARL STORZ AIDA®.