High-speed motor system for otorhinolaryngology

Special Features:

  • Continuously variable high-speed handpieces with up to 100,000 rpm
  • Clear menu navigation and rapid program selection thanks to integrated touch screen
  • Easy setup and fast installation for a smooth OR workflow

Headlight KS70

Special Features:

  • Long service life with a battery lifespan of up to 18 hours facilitates use in the OR and the doctor’s office
  • Optimal wearing comfort due to balanced, lightweight design and ergonomic headband
  • High-performance LED in combination with liquid lens technology for optimal depth illumination
  • Luminous field can be focused using the focus ring – adjustable from 30 mm – 150 mm at a working distance of 400 mm
  • Light intensity in maximum mode is 32,000 Lux (working distance 400 mm / illuminated field diameter 30 mm)

EndoCAMeleon® ENT

Special Features:

  • Easy-to-use control wheel, now with fin
  • Light cable connector facing upwards
  • Adjustable direction of view (15° to 90°) – less telescope changes
  • Diameter 4 mm, length 18 cm
  • Lightweight construction and modern design
  • Suitable wire tray for the storage and reprocessing of telescopes
  • Standard eyepiece fits all camera heads

IMAGE1 S 3D – A Dimension Ahead

The 3D telescope with a diameter of 4 mm

IMAGE1 3D affords the surgeon excellent depth perception. The stereoscopic 3D system is particularly valuable when performing activities that require good spatial orientation. Thanks to the modular system design, existing 2D systems can be upgraded to 3D.

  • 3D system with 4-mm-diameter video endoscopes
  • Easy toggle between 3D and 2D
  • Compatible with the IMAGE1 S camera platform
  • Visualization technologies for easy tissue differentiation in 2D and 3D:
    – CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    – CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    – SPECTRA: Spectral color shift and color exchange

VITOM® 3D – 3D Visualization for Otorhinolaryngology and Open Surgery

The VITOM® 3D system provides many surgical disciplines with a revolutionary solution for the visualization of microsurgical and open surgical interventions. Application possibilities are similar to that of the operating microscope. The most important functions are controlled via the IMAGE1 PILOT which is mounted to the OR table in close proximity to the surgeon.

  • Smaller, lighter and more compact than an operating microscope
  • Lower acquisition costs and creates synergistic effects with endoscopy by using the same video tower – thus combining the benefits of endoscopy and microscopy
  • Ergonomic work – the user is not confined to the eyepiece
  • Improved workflow – the OR team can view the procedure in the same image quality as the surgeon

Sterile Covers for Flexible KARL STORZ Rhino-Pharyngo-Laryngoscopes

For more safety and flexibility in routine use

The sterile covers can be used in endoscopic examinations of the upper respiratory tract, vocal cords, and/or the nasal passages. They protect the flexible endoscopes and feature an innovative vacuum system to ensure that the excellent KARL STORZ image quality is preserved.

  • Straightforward leakage testing provides additional patient safety. If the vacuum is still present after the examination, leak-tightness is guaranteed
  • The sterile cover does not impair the handling or functionality of the flexible endoscope
  • If sterile covers are used and handled correctly, manual cleaning and wipe disinfection of the flexible endoscope is sufficient*

* Please consider the information provided in the user manual on manual cleaning and disinfection

Personalized Stapes Instruments with Color Coding

Color is the key!

Particularly in microsurgery performed on the delicate structures in the middle ear, it is important that the correct instrument is passed to the surgeon at all times. However, clear identification of very fine micro instruments is not always possible with the naked eye. The new, customized stapes instruments with color coding now make it easier to pass the correct instrument to the surgeon at the right time. This improves the workflow in the OR and increases efficiency.

Nine colors are available for coding the instrument types. One color can be selected for each instrument and one, two or three color rings can be used to denote instrument sizes. The color red, for example, was selected for 90° ear hooks and sizes 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm were denoted with one, two or three color rings on the handle.

USB Video Otoscope

Mobile diagnostics made easy – Ideal for ENT Physicians and Hearing Instrument Specialists

Special Features:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with integrated photo/video shutter and manual focus
  • Powerful integrated LED illumination
  • Latest-generation CMOS sensor
  • USB cable for connection to a PC or laptop – Plug & Play function
  • In combination with the included KARL STORZ Video Editor software and the existing
    PC hardware (PC or laptop) in the office, the USB video otoscope enables the visualization and documentation of examination result

Smart Scope

Endoscope Adaptor for Smartphones


  • Plug & Play
  • Ready for use anywhere and anytime
  • Data recording and transmission
  • Compatible with standard eyepieces and various smartphones
  • Knowledge sharing and consultation

à WENGEN Breathe Implant

Titanium implant for improving nasal breathing

  • The à WENGEN breathe implant expands the nasal vestibule by spreading the inner nasal valve
  • Simplified and standardized procedure for expanding the nasal vestibule in patients with insufficient nasal breathing
  • Secure fixation of the implant between triangular cartilage and alar cartilage in an open rhinoplasty procedure
  • Six available sizes ensure a correct and secure fit
  • To determine the correct implant size, the fit of the titanium implant is measured in situ by placing the sizer onto the cartilage