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Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Our wide and comprehensive range of modular endoscopic and exoscopic spine surgery solutions are focused on your needs along the entire surgical pathway.

Spine Surgery

Our wide and comprehensive range of modular endoscopic and exoscopic spine surgery solutions are focused on your needs along the entire surgical pathway.

Effective. Efficient. Convenient.

Minimally Invasive
The minimally invasive surgical method helps treat lumbar disc herniation with small incisions.123
Reduced Complications
Patients experience less trauma, less blood loss, quicker recovery, and fewer complications, compared to other methods.4
Financially Responsible
Experience less surgical time and shorter hospitalization (PELD) versus open microdiscectomy.56

Solutions in the Spotlight


Highlights by Procedure

    Percutaneous Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    We offer reliable, tailored, and innovative solutions for the full-endoscopic treatment of spine pathologies. Your patients will benefit from fully endoscopic and truly minimally-invasive treatment and fast recovery.

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    Transforaminal SpineTIP Set

    The longer transforaminal SpineTIP system is designed for successful operations on obese patients with mediolateral herniated discs.

    Interlaminar SpineTIP Set

    The interlaminar SpineTIP system is designed for the interlaminar approach, particularly for indications in the L5/S1 region.

    Postero-Lateral SpineTIP Set

    The Postero-lateral SpineTIP system is recommended for treating intra and extraforaminal herniated discs in the lumbar and thoracic regions.

    Highlights from our range

    Tubular Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    Expand your surgical treatment portfolio with the tubular EASYGO!® 2nd generation system – a highly versatile, fully endoscopic system that combines the traditional bimanual microsurgical technique with endoscopic visualization.

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    EASYGO!® II. generation Set

    The EASYGO!® II system covers a broad range of surgical indications in patients with degenerative spinal diseases.

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    Open and Exoscopic Spine Surgery

    Our VITOM® 3D was designed to offer you outstanding exoscopic 3D visualization solution for microsurgical and open spine interventions, and help overcome ergonomic, economic, and surgical challenges while enabling improved collaboration. 

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    VITOM® 3D

    Increase your treatment options with our extracorporeal visualization system VITOM® 3D.

    Holding systems for VITOM® 3D

    Choose from our range of holding systems for convenient positioning of your VITOM® 3D.

    Surgical Motor System for Spine

    Our UNIDRIVE® Select multidisciplinary and modular motor system is designed to offer a range of customization possibilities along with synergistic benefits in cross-specialty integration.

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    DrillCut-X® II spine handpiece

    The DrillCut-X® II spine handpiece was designed for use with the KARL STORZ SpineTIP system and enables percutaneous endoscopic lumbar decompression.

    High-speed handpieces

    Our high-speed handpieces come in many lengths and are compatible with HighDrive® and LightDrive micro motors, with speeds up to 80,000 rpm.

    High-speed motors

    The air-cooled HighDrive® is designed to deliver consistent performance and comfort during long procedures. The compact, low-weight LightDrive is quiet even at high speeds.

    Highlights from our range

    CONTACT Get in touch with your specialist

    From imaging and instrumentation to power units and OR integration, our team of specialists will be happy to assist you with everything you need for spine surgery.