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Calculate For Yourself – You Might Be Surprised

Endoscopy not only expands your diagnostic and surgical capabilities, it creates a valuable new revenue source for your practice. Informed pet owners are increasingly seeking out minimally invasive alternatives for their pets.  Elevate your practice reputation, attract new clients and create a new source of revenue with endoscopy. Calculate for yourself just how much endoscopy could help you grow your business.

WATCH NOW: Marketing Rigid Endoscopy to Maximize ROI

Dr. Brian Evans, DVM, Founder of Coastal Animal Hospital

Dr. Evans presents the benefits of incorporating rigid endoscopy into his practice and how he made it profitable in his first year. During that first year, he collected data and published the first economic study on rigid endoscopy in JAVMA: Evaluation of the economic and clinical feasibility of introducing rigid endoscopy and laparoscopy to a small animal general practice.