A Revolution in Transurethral Treatment Concepts

Complete system and diverse electrodes

The new bipolar concept from KARL STORZ sets new standards in terms of effectiveness, economic efficiency, patient safety and reliability and therefore revolutionizes the treatment of BPS and/or bladder tumors.

The system is supported by the new KARL STORZ HF Generator AUTOCON® III 400. The performance of bipolar applications has thus been further enhanced and optimized.

The KARL STORZ product portfolio includes loops for resection, incision, en-bloc resection as well as vaporization and enucleation electrodes for the prostate, bladder and urethra.

KARL STORZ provides a modern, adaptive morcellator system for enucleation that enables fast and efficient morcellation or the removal of prostate tissue from the bladder.

Special features of the transurethral treatment concept

  • Perfect symbiosis with HF surgery: Treatment, technology and economic efficiency
  • All techniques can be performed with a bipolar working element by selecting the appropriate electrode
  • Real bipolar system: No current backflow via the sheath
  • Precise cutting and initial incision without delay: Automatic and optimized HF current regulation with the new AUTOCON® III 400 HF generator
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal, controlled current flow
  • Minimal tissue penetration; reduced obturator nerve stimulation
  • A generator for all techniques: Bipolar vaporization, enucleation and standard TUR

Endoscopic Enucleation and Morcellation from KARL STORZ

All from a single source

In a publication of the EAU Guidelines in 2016, laser enucleation (e.g., HoLEP) and bipolar enucleation are grouped under enucleation of the prostate (EEP). Similar to classical transurethral resection, EEP is thus regarded as a treatment of choice for benign prostate syndrome (BPS). To meet the requirements of this development, KARL STORZ presents variable configuration possibilities which enable you to perform both laser and HF-based applications using one basic instrument. KARL STORZ thus provides you with a flexible system for all techniques and energy sources and, at the same time, expands its product line for enucleation with effective instrumentation for the removal of prostate tissue following enucleation.

  • Economical and efficient solutions for enucleation techniques: Standard instruments for enucleation techniques as well as additional dedicated instruments for laser (HoLEP, ThuLEP) and bipolar enucleation
  • Efficient removal of prostate tissue and straightforward, individual installation in our morcellator system

The New Flexible Video Cystoscope HD-VIEW

High Performance by Definition

The new flexible cystoscope is able to meet increasing demands on image quality in flexible cystoscopy as well as percutaneous applications. In addition, the new suction valve provides an effective method for rapid emptying of the bladder. The distal tip has been redesigned to enable smoother insertion.

  • Noticeably higher resolution thanks to camera chip in high definition
  • Integrated LED technology with automatic exposure
  • Suction valve for rapid bladder evacuation
  • Atraumatic 10.9 Fr. tip
  • 7 Fr. working channel
  • Detachable LUER port for better reprocessing

A New Generation of Pressure-Controlled PCNL Systems

The revolutionary MIP system ensures atraumatic and effective stone treatment with fewer complications for all stone sizes.

  • Innovative pressure management: All systems from the MIP series are designed as open systems
  • Efficient stone retrieval: The "vacuum cleaner" hydrodynamic effect makes it possible to retrieve stones without forceps, graspers or stone baskets
  • One-step dilation: Following a skin incision, the access tract is dilated in a single step
  • Versatility: The right instrument is available for any kidney stone location and size
  • Innovative applicator for direct closure and contrast agent injection: Access tracts to the kidney can be directly closed after stone retrieval using a gelatin-thrombin matrix applied with the aid of an applicator. In addition, the applicator can be used to inject contrast agent
  • Application-oriented sheaths: For standard and supine techniques as well as pediatric interventions

We Realize Innovations – The Thin Uretero-Renoscope from KARL STORZ

The uretero-renoscopes from KARL STORZ – the right solution for any anatomy and indication

With a new generation of uretero-renoscopes, KARL STORZ presents a future-oriented advancement in a new design. The even more slender sheath shape provides the instruments with excellent balance and ensures comfort and ergonomics. A much smoother tapered step ensures excellent gliding properties and allows the surgeon to treat patients easily and gently.

  • Minimal sheath circumference
  • Sheath with very smooth, long tapered step
  • Excellent gliding properties for the highest patient comfort
  • Large working channel for maximum irrigation performance
  • Excellent view
  • Atraumatic sheath end for easy insertion into the ureter

As Every Detail Counts – Visibly Higher Resolution with the Flexible Uretero-Renoscopes FLEX-XC and FLEX-X2S

KARL STORZ presents a new generation of flexible uretero-renoscopes that enables you to benefit from proven properties such as minimal sheath circumference, excellent torque stability and maneuverability – now combined with a noticeably higher image resolution.
During the course of product development, it was possible to maximize the image quality of the FLEX-XC video uretero-renoscope, while the number of fibers for the FLEX-X2S uretero-reno-fiberscope could be doubled.
A wide range of optional accessories such as stone baskets, laser fibers and guide wires rounds off the product portfolio.

Video Uretero-Renoscope FLEX-XC:

  • Now with 2.6x higher image resolution
  • Larger, clearer images at high zoom levels
  • Optimized visualization with S-Technologies

Uretero-Reno-Fiberscope FLEX-X2S:

  • Now with double fiber capacity
  • True-to-detail image quality thanks to higher resolution

CALCULASE III – The End of the Stone Age

35 W holmium laser for urology

With the CALCULASE III, KARL STORZ is launching a new generation of desktop lasers on the market with an excellent price-performance ratio. Featuring a power rating of 35 W and optimized modes, such as the burst mode for reducing the repulsion of stone fragments, the laser offers everything required for successful lithotripsy.

  • Improved performance of up to 35 Watts
  • Enhanced energy spectrum from 0.2-4 Joules
  • Higher frequency from 4-30 Hertz
  • Optimized pulse modes
  • RFID fiber identification
  • 10" touch screen for ease of use

IMAGE1 S™ 4U – mORe than a camera

The IMAGE1 S™ 4U camera system allows the operating surgeon to make optimal use of the benefits offered by 4K technology. A notable feature is the image quality: High image brightness, impressive colors, greater richness of detail and a significantly improved depth effect characterize this system. Thanks to the system’s modularity, 4U components can be easily integrated into the existing IMAGE1 S™ camera platform. Consequently, the system is still compatible with existing technologies (e.g., rigid, flexible, fluorescence and 3D endoscopy) and can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

  • IMAGE1 S™ 4U impresses with outstanding, razor-sharp images
    • Excellent image brightness
    • First-rate color rendition
    • Greater richness of detail
  • Three innovative visualization technologies for tissue differentiation:
    • CLARA: Homogeneous illumination
    • CHROMA: Contrast enhancement
    • SPECTRA*: Spectral color shift and switch
  • Easy integration into the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform


* not for sale in the U.S.

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. PDD – Flexibility in Visualization with IMAGE1 S™

From diagnosis through to the treatment and aftercare of urinary bladder carcinoma, KARL STORZ offers a complete solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The new generation of HX-FI camera heads now allows you to perform Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD) in FULL HD. This technology provides brilliant and high-resolution images in both white light and PDD modes.

In contrast to competitors, KARL STORZ offers OPAL1® technology for PDD as well as the functions of the S-Technologies CHROMA (contrast enhancement) and SPECTRA* (spectral color shift) in a single system.

  • Brilliant, razor-sharp FULL HD imaging
  • Flexibility in visualization with PDD fluorescence imaging and S-Technologies
  • Straightforward use of the PDD functionality via the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform