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Mobile or Desktop?

04/03/2016 |

With the new KARL STORZ T-SCOPE videoscope system, you can now have both.

 T-SCOPE - The portable videoscope system
T-SCOPE - The portable videoscope system

This universal videoscope system expands the KARL STORZ product range in industrial remote visual inspection (RVI). The T-SCOPE product family is the ideal tool for nondestructive visual inspection, particularly when inspecting components within foundries or quality assurance applications. With the T-SCOPE system, KARL STORZ offers mobile as well as desktop visualization and documentation, as well as further processing options for the captured image and video material. All of these features can be used regardless of whether you are using rigid/flexible endoscopes or videoscopes.

The T-SCOPE product family includes the TECHNO PORT documentation unit with integrated monitor and storage options, a 4 mm diameter videoscope, the T-CAM camera head for connecting rigid endoscopes as well as the TECHNO HUB camera control unit that is suitable for desktop use. Whatever your application, the T-SCOPE product family can offer the right combination.

TECHNO PORT – flexible configuration & excellent image quality
To permit the rapid and portable inspection and documentation of technical assemblies, the TECHNO PORT visualisation and documentation unit offers comprehensive connection options. Its dual videoscope input allows for simultaneous connection of both a videoscope and the T-CAM camera head for use with a wide variety of borescopes or flexoscopes. Due to the high level of compatibility, existing KARL STORZ equipment can continue to be used, thereby reducing costs. By the push of a button, the user can easily switch between two imaging systems and operate them in parallel. When inspecting complex components, for instance, both a videoscope and a rigid telescope can be used without set-up changes, thereby increasing process efficiency. The 7" TFT display offers excellent image quality for the precise viewing and assessment of even the smallest details. An HDMI output has been integrated in the TECHNO PORT to connect an external monitor for even greater convenience when inspecting with the four-eyes principle. SD and USB interfaces permit optimal photo and video documentation of inspected components. For portable operations, the TECHNO PORT features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a run time of about two hours. The TECHNO PORT can still be used while the battery is charging. This allows performing longer inspections without interruptions. Featuring a compact, closed design, the TECHNO PORT is additionally rated IP54 for protection against splashing water.

TECHNO HUB – optimal workflow from visualization to the efficient use of images and videos
For desktop inspection workstations, an alternative to the TECHNO PORT is the TECHNO HUB camera control unit, a plug & play imaging system. PC or laptop workstations can be upgraded in no time with the KARL STORZ video editor software. Like the TECHNO PORT, the TECHNO HUB features an additional HDMI output as well as an S-video output. Videoscopes can be connected directly to the respective input. Both borescopes and flexoscopes are compatible with the T-CAM camera head.

Mobile and desktop external LED light sources are available for use with the borescopes or flexoscopes. These LED light sources are available in a range of 5 W to 150 W.

Flexible Videoscopes – universal companions for the TECHNO PORT and TECHNO HUB
The new 4 mm diameter videoscope with 0° direction of view features 140° two-way articulation, thereby allowing the inspection of even the smallest radii in boreholes and pipes. Its ergonomically shaped handle ensures the sensitive but stable control of the distal end. Using two function keys, pictures and videos can be recorded and white balance conducted. Bright and sharp images generated with the aid of the integrated LED light source supply users with previously inconceivable views of the inspected components.

With the T-SCOPE product family, KARL STORZ offers a suitable system solution in proven KARL STORZ quality for the wide range of requirements in remote visual inspection.