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Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

Responsibility for the environment

As a globally active, family-owned company, we have a deeply ingrained commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable resource management. For decades, our management has prioritized resource conservation, ensuring that our activities don't compromise the well-being of future generations. Our current approach is defined by a company-wide Sustainability Framework which fosters internal initiatives and sets a standard for our behavior and commitment. Through a series of continuous, small steps implemented across various areas, from applying energy-efficient concepts in construction to recovering waste heat in manufacturing, we can greatly reduce our impact on the environment. We actively monitor and reduce paper use, carefully track fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and emphasize the creation of high-quality, multi-use products that contribute to long product life cycles. These efforts collectively align with our primary sustainability objective: the sustainable management of natural resources, to leave the world as intact as possible for future generations. As we remain fully dedicated to this goal, environmental responsibility will undeniably further influence our business decisions in years to come.