Multifunctional High-Speed Motor System for all Indications in Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

Special Features:

  • Continuously variable high-speed handpieces with up to 100,000 rpm
  • Wide range of specially developed handpieces and shavers for efficient intraoperative applications
  • Clearly arranged menu guidance and rapid program selection thanks to integrated touch screen
  • Easy set-up and fast installation for a smooth OR workflow

Little LOTTA® Neuroendoscope for Intraventricular Procedures

Special Features:

  • The slender endoscope (diameter 3.6 mm) fits into a 4.5 mm sheath and is therefore suitable for treating all patients with a narrow foramen of Monro – in both children and adults, the prepontine cistern can be directly examined through the ventriculostomas
  • The endoscope features an irrigation and suction channel as well as a working channel which can be used with a range of 1.3 mm instruments for performing ventriculostomies, septostomies, tumor biopsies and cyst fenestration
  • The 1.2 mm rod lens telescope provides excellent image quality

Instruments for Endoscopically Assisted and Endoscopically Controlled Microsurgery

Special Features:

  • À la carte concept for efficient compilation of a customized instrument set
  • Angled telescopes with thin diameters for space-saving keyhole surgery
  • Delicate and ergonomic single-sheath micro instruments with straight or bayonet-shaped design
  • Unique TAKE-APART® bipolar forceps with various inserts

Instruments for Endonasal Skull Base Surgery

Special Features:

  • À la carte concept for efficient compilation of a customized instrument set
  • Wide assortment of straight and angled telescopes
  • Continuous vision thanks to elegant and effective lens cleaning systems
  • Unique TAKE-APART® bipolar forceps with various inserts
  • Wide range of standard instruments such as curettes, dissectors, scissors, hooks and knives
  • ENDOCAMELEON® – the innovative telescope with variable direction of view

OI HandyPro® Pediatric Neuroendoscope

Special Features:

  • Hydrocephalus management, cyst treatment and tumor biopsies
  • Pistol-grip handle design – permits single-handed endoscope guidance while using the other hand for precise instrument control
  • Modular design allows the use of neuronavigation
  • Bipolar and unipolar system-specific instruments

J&B Scalp-Dura Retractor for the Endoscopic Treatment of Craniosynostosis

Special Features:

  • Suitable for treating all prematurely fused skull sutures
  • Constant protection of the dura mater thanks to blades of different lengths
  • The endoscope contributes to visual support and optimally illuminates the site
  • Adaptable to the skull thickness
  • Optimal documentation of the procedure

ShuntScope – Endoscopically Assisted Shunt Placement

Special Features:

  • VISUALIZATION: The semirigid fiberscope with a diameter of 1 mm offers good visualization of the anatomy for optimal placement of the ventricular catheter
  • VERSATILITY: The SHUNTSCOPE is compatible with numerous ventricular catheters
  • TRAINING: Physicians can use the SHUNTSCOPE as a training tool for the correct placement of ventricular catheters
  • PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: The SHUNTSCOPE is a reusable telescope without single-use accessories and is an inexpensive solution for assisted shunt placement

LOTTA® System for Intracranial Neurosurgery

Special Features:

  • Two unique ventriculoscopes – sheath diameter 4.5 mm and 6.8 mm – for the entire range of endoscopic intracranial procedures
  • 6° angle of view for direct visual control of instruments after exiting the working channel
  • Perfectly coordinated instrument sets for LOTTA® and Little LOTTA®
  • A wide range of support features such as, for example, possibility of rotation in the sheath and instruments with length markings for controlled application