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VITOM® 3D – 3D visualization for microsurgery and open surgery

Compact. Ergonomic. Economical.

The VITOM® 3D system offers 3D visualization possibilities for microsurgical and open surgical interventions, without confining the surgeon to the eyepiece of an operating microscope. The key functions are easily controlled by the surgeon via the IMAGE1 PILOT mounted on the OR table, and the entire OR team can view the procedure on the screens simultaneously. The VITOM® 3D systemuses the same video tower as endoscopy, thereby offering you significant economic benefits.

  • Smaller, lighter and more compact than an operating microscope
  • Lower acquisition costs and synergistic effects with endoscopy thanks to perfect integration in the endoscopy tower – thus combining the advantages of endoscopy and microscopy
  • Ergonomic work – the user is not confined to the eyepiece
  • Improved workflow – the OR team can view the procedure in the same image quality as the surgeon