HD Video Rhino-Laryngoscope

The new HD video rhino-laryngoscope from KARL STORZ allows visualization of the nose, pharynx and larynx in HD image quality. Depending on the system configuration, the physician is able to use IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes or perform stroboscopy. This makes the flexible endoscope suitable for various indications.

  • HD image quality
  • Possible to use IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes in conjunction with the IMAGE1 S™ camera system
  • Stroboscopy can be performed when used with TELE PACK+
  • Fully immersible for cleaning and disinfection

Flexible Videoendoscopes for Single Use

For situations where the use of single-use endoscopes may be recommended:

  • Highly infectious patients
  • Clinics without in-house reprocessing departments
  • Irregular use of flexible endoscopes 
  • Backup for reusable endoscopes 

CMOS Video Rhino-Laryngoscope with Diameter 2.9 mm

The new 2.9 mm CMOS video rhino-laryngoscope further expands the existing CMOS product line. The video endoscope can be used with the TELE PACK+ as well as with the C-MAC® Monitor and C-HUB II.

  • Integrated CMOS chip technology
  • 140° deflection in both directions
  • Integrated LED light source
  • Sensitive yet stable control with ergonomic handle

CMOS Video Esophagoscope with Diameter 2.9 mm

The CMOS product line has been expanded to include a further videoendoscope with a diameter of 2.9 mm: The CMOS video esophagoscope.

  • CMOS chip technology
  • 210°/140° deflection
  • Integrated LED light source
  • Sensitive yet robust control with ergonomic handle

Instrument Set for Endoscopic Middle Ear Surgery

The key aspect of endoscopic middle ear surgery is the rediscovery of the ear canal as a natural and direct approach to the middle ear. The wide view provided by the endoscope allows a minimally invasive approach to the tympanum and a comprehensive view of the structures to be targeted in middle ear surgery. The endoscope can be used to treat a variety of middle ear pathologies.

  • Minimally invasive approach
  • Allows a complete examination of the middle ear with the help of angled telescopes
  • Photo and video documentation

Instrument Set for Middle Ear Surgery

Surgery in the ear region is complex and varied due to the multitude of indications in this area. From tympanoplasty to cochlear implants through to routine middle ear procedures – different instrument sets are required for each indication.

  • Standard instruments for access to the middle and inner ear
  • UNIDRIVE® S III ENT motor system with a large range of handpieces


One unit – six functions

  • Shaver
  • Sinus Burr (up to 35,000 rpm)
  • High-speed Micro Motor
  • High-performance EC Micro Motor II
  • Micro Saw
  • Dermatome


One unit – five functions

  • Shaver
  • Sinus Burr up to 12,000 rpm    
  • High-performance EC Micro Motor II 
  • Micro Saw
  • Dermatome

High-Performance EC Micro Motor II with INTRA Drill Handpieces

  • Self-cooling and brushless high-performance EC Micro Motor II
  • Autoclavable and can be reprocessed in a cleaning machine
  • Possible to adjust the number of revolutions to 80,000 rpm with the appropriate handles
  • Detachable irrigation tubes

High-Speed Micro Motor with High-Speed Drill Handpieces

High-speed motor system for otorhinolaryngology

Special Features:

  • Continuously variable high-speed handpieces with up to 100,000 rpm
  • Malleable handpieces available
  • Burr inserts for single use

VITOM® 3D – 3D Visualization for Microsurgery and Open Surgery

The VITOM® 3D system represents a solution for visualizing microsurgical and open-surgical procedures in a variety of fields. Application options are similar to those of surgical microscopes. Key functions are controlled through the IMAGE1 PILOT, which is mounted to the surgical table in the surgeon's immediate workspace.

  • Smaller, lighter and more compact than an operating microscope
  • Lower acquisition costs and synergistic effects with endoscopy thanks to integration in the endoscopy tower – thus combining the advantages of endoscopy and microscopy
  • Ergonomic work – the user is not confined to the eyepiece
  • Improved workflow – the OR team can view the procedure in the same image quality as the surgeon

Contact Endoscopes from KARL STORZ for Laryngoscopy

For intraoperative, early detection of abnormal tissue

Contact endoscopes make it possible to better visualize the tissue structures of mucosa thanks to 60 or 150x magnification which can be adjusted via the rotating wheel on the contact endoscope. This allows a more precise evaluation of benign or malignant lesions.

  • Contact endoscopes available in 4 different models
  • More precise optical evaluation of malignant or benign lesions
  • Efficient use of contact endoscopes in combination with IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes
  • Use of the vital dye methylene blue no longer mandatory thanks to IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes

Instruments for Transoral Microlaryngoscopy

Contact endoscopy is mainly used in the field of transoral microlaryngoscopy. KARL STORZ offers a wide range of instruments for this indication which, combined with contact endoscopes, enables appropriate treatment.

Endoscopes and Instruments for Minimally Invasive Transnasal Frontal Skull Base Surgery

The use of an endoscope in transnasal frontal skull base surgery offers several advantages. These include a wide field of vision and improved light intensity which provide a clear visualization of deep-lying structures. Moreover, HOPKINS® rod lens telescopes with an angled direction of view (e.g., 30°, 45°) offer the possibility of a direct view of otherwise invisible areas, thus facilitating a surgical procedure under visual control.

The introduction of 4K video technology and 3D endoscopy provides good image quality in order to perform the procedure.

Management of Bleeding

Bleeding in the operative field impairs the view of the operation site and can, depending on the extent of bleeding, pose a risk to the health of the patient. Only successful hemostasis – Surgical Bleeding Management – makes it possible to continue surgery and to prevent complications caused by poor visibility.

DRILLCUT-X® II-35 – When Power Meets Precision

Handpiece for the UNIDRIVE® S III ENT motor system

The DRILLCUT-X® II‑35 handpiece, in conjunction with the 35k sinus burrs, represents an innovative addition to the KARL STORZ product portfolio and is specially optimized for the highest speeds.

  • Up to 35,000 rpm
  • Five different burr inserts available
  • Handpiece and burr inserts can be used with the existing UNIDRIVE® S III ENT motor system
  • Handpiece can also be used with shaver attachments

The Mobile Solution

Dysphagia management with C-MAC®

The 2.9 mm CMOS video rhino-laryngoscope further expands the existing CMOS product line. The videoendoscope, in conjunction with the C-MAC® monitor, provides a mobile application for swallowing diagnostics.

  • Integrated CMOS chip technology
  • 140° deflection in both directions
  • Integrated LED light source
  • Sensitive yet robust control with ergonomic handle

The Compact Solution

Dysphagia management with TELE PACK+

The TELE PACK+ combines a monitor, LED light source, camera control unit and data management with an integrated network function in one unit. In conjunction with the
HD Video Rhino-Laryngoscope, it provides a compact solution. Furthermore, TELE PACK+ offers possible compatibilities with other flexible endoscopes that are used in swallowing diagnostics.

  • Flexible endoscopy in HD
  • Versatile possible compatibilities with other flexible endoscopes

The Universal Solution

Dysphagia management with IMAGE1 S™

In conjunction with the new HD video rhino-laryngoscope, IMAGE1 S™ now also offers flexible endoscopy in HD image quality for swallowing diagnostics and other examinations. IMAGE1 S™ visualization technologies can be used with the camera system as well. The system can also be integrated into the hospital network if necessary.

  • Flexible endoscopy in HD
  • IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes available if used with the IMAGE1 S™ camera system
  • HD video rhino-laryngoscope fully immersible for cleaning and disinfection

Endoscopes and Instruments for Frontal Sinus Surgery

The endonasal approach to the frontal sinuses requires a high level of anatomical knowledge and surgical skills. The appropriate endoscopes and the right instruments are therefore of utmost importance. The special instruments developed for frontal sinus surgery take these anatomic conditions into account.

  • 45° endoscopes available in two versions: A standard version and one with a lateral cable connection
  • Endoscope diameter of 4 mm or 2.7 mm
  • A large selection of upturned instruments
  • Circular cutting punch for resecting horizontally oriented bony lamellae

ENDOMAT® SELECT – The Choice is Yours

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ENDOMAT® SELECT is an interdisciplinary roller pump for the irrigation or suction of fluids during surgical and diagnostic procedures. Depending on customer preferences, the pump can be equipped with various software packages so that it can be used for either individual or multiple disciplines.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-efficient pump as modular design supports basic functionality across various fields of application
  • Easy handling thanks to tubing set for single hand control
  • Safe use thanks to tubing set recognition
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Software allows fields of application to be expanded at any time

EndoCAMeleon® ENT

Special Features:

  • Easy-to-use control wheel, now with fin
  • Adjustable direction of view (15° to 90°)
  • Diameter 4 mm, length 18 cm
  • Light cable connector facing upwards
  • Suitable wire tray for the storage and reprocessing of telescopes
  • Standard eyepiece fits all KARL STORZ camera heads

Smart Scope

Endoscope Adaptor for Smartphones


  • Compatible with various smartphones and endoscopes