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AUTOCON® III VET with Vessel Sealing

Make your surgeries safer and shorter 

For veterinarians, versatility in surgical instruments is a highly desirable quality. KARL STORZ AUTOCON® III VET enables you to perform a wide range of procedures – from cautery to resection – on small, large, or exotic animals using just one electrosurgical unit. With the addition of our new single-use laparoscopic vessel sealing handpiece – BIVASCULAR VET, vessel sealing is automated with audible feedback, thereby improving patient safety in laparoscopic surgeries.  

While AUTOCON® III VET comes pre-programmed with an array of unipolar and bipolar settings, you can easily customize the settings to suit your unique needs. The device is also seamlessly compatible with a variety of KARL STORZ instruments, both rigid and flexible, for endoscopic as well as open surgeries. 

What makes AUTOCON III VET special:

  • New BIVASCULARSAFE mode for coagulation, cutting and tissue fusion 

  • Audible signal indicates tissue is sealed 

  • Preprogrammed Unipolar and Bipolar settings 

  • Custom procedure settings can be created and stored 

  • High Definition 9" color touch screen 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly control 

  • Precise power settings enable optimal energy delivery 

“The BIVASCULAR VET vastly reduces the time taken to perform a laparoscopic ovariectomy. It is simple to use, trustworthy, and does not require complex parts to be put together. The feedback mechanism provides peace of mind before cutting tissue, and the inbuilt blade makes the procedure much faster. It connects swiftly to the AUTOCON® III VET , and the AUTOCON® is a very user-friendly system. I would recommend!” 

Becky Keeble 
Director Simply Keyhole  

“The BIVASCULAR VET unit is a user friendly instrument with a built in blade. Allowing 360 degree jaw rotation it makes it particularly handy for accurate laparoscopic dissection. It is light weight and helps prevent fatigue during longer procedures. Connection to the AUTOCON® III VET unit is easy and the feedback signal particularly useful for beginner laparoscopists performing ovariectomies and ovariohysterectomies. “ 

Dr. Agata Witkowska 
Senior Veterinary Surgeon 
Head Laparoscopist 

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