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Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

Responsibility for the environment

Each company is responsible for the environment in which it operates and for the resources used for its work. As a globally active, family-run company with regional roots, the KARL STORZ company strategy has been committed to environmental protection and sustainable resource management for decades so that resources are not depleted at the expense of future generations. At KARL STORZ, resource conservation is a continuous process comprising many small steps that are consistently implemented in diverse areas. The company actively strives to protect the environment by: Applying energy efficiency concepts to the construction and use of company buildings; recovering waste heat from manufacturing processes; by reducing paper use; and carefully monitoring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Manufacturing high-quality, multi-use products is also an important contribution to sustainability. The use of durable materials achieves long product life cycles and thereby conserves resources. All these efforts are supported by many other activities that bring us closer to our main objective: The sustainable management of natural resources. KARL STORZ remains fully committed to this goal. Responsibility for the environment will continue to have a lasting impact on business decisions in the future.