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French President Hollande attends telesurgical event in Strasbourg, France

08/05/2014 |

Representatives from KARL STORZ connected to IRCAD from Dubai, UAE

Bonjour VisitOR1®

In a highly anticipated collaborative session, the leading research and education center IRCAD located in Strasbourg, France as well as Ipswich Hospital in Great Britain joined forces to illustrate the power of telesurgical collaboration via the internet utilizing the latest KARL STORZ OR1 robotic device, the VisitOR1®.

French President Hollande and Prof. Bernard Dallemagne transmitting live from IRCAD

The connection was arranged by the IRCAD institute and was attended by French President François Hollande as well as several key dignitaries. By utilizing a robotic telepresence system, communication is enhanced by which any institution can share vital clinical data worldwide to an audience of experts at any time and from anywhere. The VisitOR1® provides a direct link into any operating suite and is a seamless and advanced surgical immersion device available in a medical grade form.

Martin Sinclair connected via the VisitOR1® at IPSWICH Hospital

KARL STORZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of endoscopes, endoscopic instruments and devices for more than 15 surgical disciplines in human medicine. KARL STORZ also provides solutions for veterinarian endoscopy as well as for industrial applications. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and markets all its products with an emphasis on visionary design, precision craftsmanship and clinical effectiveness. The most recent innovations of KARL STORZ are made in the field of digital documentation systems and the creation of comprehensive operation room (OR) solutions. These OR concepts comprise the integration of the varied technical equipment under the consideration of medical requirement and ergonomic aspects. With more than 4,000 OR1 systems installed worldwide, KARL STORZ is one of the leaders in the field of integrated operating rooms.