Today, every hospital pursues goals such as process optimization, continuous quality improvement, and increasing patient satisfaction. KARL STORZ has been focusing on these topics for more than ten years. The result is one of the most advanced OR concepts worldwide – OR1™, which makes work easier for physicians every day all over the world.

To make the advantages of integrated solutions available outside the operating room as well, KARL STORZ has applied the experience gained in developing the OR1™ to examination and procedure rooms.


Thanks to its modular design and numerous add-on and extension options, this examination and diagnostics concept is suitable for physicians in private practice as well as for private clinics, hospitals, and university medical centers. Its design is strictly tailored to ergonomic requirements and improves the structure of medical examinations, while modern equipment ensures diagnostic reliability and high examination quality. The associated visualization concept facilitates diagnostics and ensures better patient integration into the examination process.

KARL STORZ – the fascination of progress

OFFICE1 is a modular room concept that optimizes the structure, workflow, and quality of the medical examination process. To this end, KARL STORZ has analyzed medical examination procedures and derived the following requirements:

  • Maximum compliance with hygiene requirements
  • Clear division of functional zones
  • Furniture tailored to individual users' work methods
  • Maximum ergonomic support
  • Improvement of communication
  • Optimal integration of all devices used
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Easy and secure documentation of examination results

The result is a modern, unique examination room equipment concept offering outstanding quality of workmanship, materials, and design. ENT, gynecology, urology, gastroenterology – no matter the specialty area, OFFICE1 facilitates higher diagnostic reliability and quality of outcomes as well as improved patient understanding of the examination.

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