NEO® IP Operating Room Integration


The future of the operating room is a zero-touch environment powered by AI, machine learning and data integration to assist surgical teams in providing the best possible patient outcomes. KARL STORZ is at the forefront of introducing these automation technologies to the operating room so that in the future, NEO® IP integration can not only scale across all of the surgical care locations in your healthcare enterprise, but it can do so intelligently.

Intelligent Standardization

NEO® IP is a network-based integration solution that features ONE scalable 4K video-over-IP visualization backbone designed for any operative space to drive standardization throughout the healthcare system. NEO® IP scales down to the needs of general operating rooms or up to the largest hybrid operating rooms. Upgrade and add capacity over time as your needs change.

Intelligent Imaging

8 Million Pixels

4x the detail compared to HD helps you see every detail in clarity as you operate

1 Billion Colors

With 64 times more color than HD, KARL STORZ 4K surgical displays produce life-like anatomical views.

Zero Compression

All vendor’s imaging signals are transmitted in pristine quality to the surgical display without visual compression.

Imperceptible Latency

Less than 100ms of latency means you’ll never feel lag while working with endoscopic systems.

Intelligent Volume Automation

Using unique CanaryBox® technology, NEO® IP integration tracks the patient's heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure in real-time and automatically reduces or mutes the music volume in the operating room to make sure that critical patient alarms are heard and the surgical team is able to communicate clearly to ensure the patient’s safety.

Your car automatically mutes music during phone calls, why can't the OR mute music during a critical patient events? It can with KARL STORZ.

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Intelligent Diagnostics

NEO® IP operating room integration uses self-diagnostics to track the health of critical components within the system. Biomedical professionals have access to an enterprise wide, real-time systems health dashboard and receive text message alerts within 10 seconds of a critical failure, so that they know of issues before clinicians do and can respond appropriately.

Intelligent Intubation

Integrated video intubation means that when a difficult airway is encountered, all the anesthesiologist has to do is grab a single use video laryngoscope or single use flexible intubation scope and plug it into the integration. Photos and videos can be taken and stored to the patient record.

Don't waste time calling for a difficult airway cart. You have what you need, exactly when you need it for your patient.

Intelligent Utilization

NEO® IP tracks the utilization of mobile imaging equipment like C-Arms, Ultrasounds, Mircoscopes, Navigation, etc... from any vendor. This allows business managers and supply chain professionals to uncover data needed to make smart purchasing decisions.

Intelligent Turnover

The Turnover Measurement System (TOMS) defines turnover goals, and displays a timer on all screens in the operating room during the turnover. When the goal is exceeded, the system sends text messages to cleaning staff and the charge nurse so that behavior can be modified in real-time. Daily, weekly and monthly metrics are available to track improvement.

Get to Know KARL STORZ

KARL STORZ is a full cross specialty minimally-invasive surgical company. Investing in KARL STORZ integration means more than just investing in operating room infrastructure, it means partnering with the premiere MIS surgery company to deliver a full ecosystem of surgical solutions from head to toe to enable minimally invasive care for virtually any patient that walks through the door.

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