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OR Integration

OR1 Integration

OR1 is the KARL STORZ brand of innovative healthcare integration solutions.  Whether you need to integrate a single operating room, an operative department, or an entire healthcare system, OR1 Integration is able to connect visualization, communications and data management across all care locations that are performing diagnostic and operative procedures.

By using OR1 Integration to connect all care locations such as operating rooms, clinics and offices on one unified digital backbone, healthcare systems are able to achieve (3) main goals:

Improve Physician Satisfaction:  Remove clicks and redundant systems that clinicians currently work in to streamline their day-to-day care delivery processes and reduce clinician burnout.

Improve Patient Satisfaction: Increase care continuity across all locations by connecting minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical data into the health record, as well as improve communication through text messages and lower anxiety with calming media.

Reduce Cost:  Remove redundant digital systems or lengthy analog processes for care delivery and instead use ONE shared IT infrastructure across all care locations.


Watch what ONE DAY is like with OR1 Integration

ONE World

Unifying Technologies, Enterprise Scale

OR1® Integration is the networked backbone of the KARL STORZ enterprise integration solution. OR1® not only integrates visualization intraoperatively, but connects visualization, communications and data management across all operative locations in the enterprise for improved clinician experience, reduced cost of collaboration and improved patient experience.

  • Enterprise Efficiency: Realize maximum efficiency and care coordination across office, clinic, and operative care locations by leveraging shared IT resources, care processes, and equipment standardization in all types of operative suites.
  • Reduce Risk: $1.5M was the average HIPAA fine in 2019. Secure patient data that is generated in the operating room with OR1® integration and advanced cybersecurity.
  • Justify Spend: Knowing the utilization of medical devices helps you justify the decision to replace them (or not replace them). Manage more than just KARL STORZ devices with vendor-agnostic device tracking and utilization reports.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: 97% of participants in a recent clinical study reported that receiving text message updates on surgical status reduced anxiety. KARL STORZ integration provides new ways to communicate with patient family.

NEO® IP Integration

NEO® IP Operating Room Integration

  • The future of the operating room is a zero-touch environment powered by AI, machine learning and data integration to assist surgical teams in providing the best possible patient outcomes. KARL STORZ is at the forefront of introducing these automation technologies to the operating room so that in the future, NEO® IP integration can not only scale across all of the surgical care locations in your healthcare enterprise, but it can do so intelligently.
  • Enterprise communications, data management, analytics and patient satisfaction modules scale to the needs of each operative suite.
  • Native streaming, conferencing and chat communications integrate with StreamConnect® software to enable clinical collaboration across the healthcare enterprise.
  • Collect data on medical device usage in the operating suite and view dashboards of usage information in StreamConnect® to right-size capital spend with actual usage.


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StreamConnect® Software

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Three suites of apps in ONE software that drive secure content management, clinical collaboration and business insight across all care locations in the healthcare enterprise. Embedded AI software guidance ensures users are trained and the software is utilized to its full potential.

  • Surgical Image Management: Video-on-Demand & ehrLINC apps push surgical images and videos to the network from the operating room for secure storage, easy access by surgeons, editing, sharing and archiving in the patient record.
  • Clinical Collaboration: Empower education and inter-departmental collaboration with Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, and Nursing Overview apps.
  • Business Insight: For administrators and supply chain, match capital spend on medical devices to utilization with the Device Utilization app.  For biomedical teams, know of service issues before clinicians do with intelligent system-wide equipment monitoring.


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A/V Management, Documentation & Communication

OR1 AIR® is a modern, compact, and interconnecting integration solution comprising the modules AIDA® + OR1 .avm.

Special Features:

  • One of the best image chains in its class, in brilliant 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD, from the endoscope to the monitor
  • Live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration
  • Combined with the proven AIDA® documentation system
  • Compact design
  • Particularly well suited for a variety of communications applications – symposia, teaching, and consultation