A Revolution in Transurethral Treatment Concepts Complete System and Diverse Electrodes

The new bipolar concept from KARL STORZ sets new standards in terms of effectiveness, economic efficiency, patient safety and reliability and therefore revolutionizes the treatment of BPS and/or bladder tumors.
The wide range of electrodes from KARL STORZ for bipolar resectoscopes allows individual instrument configurations tailored to the OR situation as well as to the surgeon’s personal preferences for best surgical results. The KARL STORZ product portfolio includes loops for resection, incision, en-bloc resection as well as vaporization and enucleation electrodes for the prostate, bladder and urethra.

  • Real bipolar system: No current backflow via the sheath
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal, controlled current flow: Minimal tissue penetration, significantly reduced Obturator nerve stimulation
  • Precise cutting: Thanks to precise centralization of the necessary current and free choice of loop diameter
  • Initial incision without delay: Due to automatic HF current regulation
  • Use of saline solution: Reduced risk of TUR syndrome, no time limitations during treatment, enhanced Training possibilities without compromising patient safety
  • Techniques in addition to conventional resection: Bipolar enucleation and vaporization

Meeting Any Demands

The uretero-renoscopes from KARL STORZ – the right solution for any anatomy and indication

With the new generation of uretero-renoscopes, KARL STORZ presents a future-oriented advancement in a new design. The even more slender sheath provides the instruments with excellent balance and ensures convenient and ergonomic work. A much smoother tapered step ensures excellent gliding properties and enables the surgeon to treat patients easily and gently.

KARL STORZ offers a variety of different uretero-renoscopes that are perfectly tailored to the needs of users and the anatomy of the patient with a sheath circumference of 7 to 9.5 Fr.

  • Minimal sheath circumference
  • Sheath with very smooth, long tapered step
  • Excellent gliding properties for highest patient comfort
  • Extra irrigation channel or large working channel for maximum irrigation performance
  • Excellent view
  • Atraumatic sheath end for easy insertion into the ureter


New Generation in Bipolar Resection

The new HF generator from KARL STORZ has been further enhanced and optimized, particularly with regard to the performance of bipolar applications. It therefore ideally complements the KARL STORZ systems for bipolar resection. Precise initial cutting and exactly coordinated power regulation enables the unit to deliver optimal energy for bipolar resection and thus leads to perfect results. Consequently, the new bipolar concept from KARL STORZ sets new standards in terms of effectiveness, economic efficiency, patient safety, and system reliability and revolutionizes the treatment of BPS and/or bladder tumors.

Special Features:

  • Controlled cutting function and application of energy to the tissue with pinpoint precision
  • Real bipolar system as current is returned via the electrode
  • The high-performance generator offers the option of additional bipolar techniques such as vaporization and enucleation
  • Maximum user comfort thanks to high-resolution touch display

Operating Cystoscope-Urethroscope for Children

For straightforward and gentle treatment

The operating cysto-urethroscopes with atraumatic tip and excellent gliding properties provide the operating surgeon with enhanced possibilities for diagnosis as well as straightforward and gentle treatment of the patient. The straight working channel and the excellent telescope significantly enhance the efficient performance of various procedures.

Special Features:

  • Atraumatically shaped distal end of sheath with rounded tip
  • Minimal sheath diameter
  • Maximum irrigation due to the large, straight working channel

Video Uretero-Renoscope with the IMAGE1 S

With IMAGE1 S, KARL STORZ has developed a new FULL HD camera platform that supports urologists with innovative visualization technologies for diagnosis and surgery. By combining this platform with the flexible 8.5 Fr. video uretero-renoscope FLEX-Xc, the user benefits from excellent visualization as well as the high image quality of the video uretero-renoscope.

  • Excellent image quality: Due to CMOS technology
  • Extremely thin and steerable sheath: Minimal sheath circumference of only 8.5 Fr. and maximum 270° deflection in either direction
  • Ergonomic handle: Integrated LED light source allows convenient work without requiring an additional light cable
  • Easier access to the kidney: Direct implementation of hand movements through to the distal end thanks to high torque stability facilitates access to the kidney
  • Modular camera platform: Homogeneous illumination, contrast enhancement and clearer tissue differentiation by shifting the color spectrum with the IMAGE1 S Visualization Modes


The Solution for Safe and Reliable Morcellation

With the S-PILOT™ system, KARL STORZ offers a compact unit that provides optimal conditions for morcellation in conjunction with the UNIDRIVE® S III motor system.

A functioning suction depends on the vacuum generated in the suction container. This can be achieved via a vacuum pump from KARL STORZ or through a central suction system in the operating room.

  • Efficient and time-saving tissue following enucleation of the prostate via powerful tissue aspiration
  • Intelligent communication between motor and suction system via footpedal for extremely convenient operation
  • Straightforward, individual installation in existing motor and suction systems

A New Generation of Pressure-Controlled PCNL Systems

The revolutionary MIP system ensures atraumatic and effective stone treatment with fewer complications for all stone sizes.

The MIP series features an innovative technology for intrapelvic pressure management. The special design characteristics enable optimal irrigation with excellent visualization and permanent control. Another significant development is the generation of hydrodynamic effects, the so-called “vacuum cleaner effect”: The innovative inflow and outflow constellation make it possible to retrieve stones without forceps, graspers, or stone baskets and to eliminate stone dust.

  • Innovative pressure management: All systems from the MIP series are designed as open systems
  • Efficient stone retrieval: The hydrodynamic effect makes it possible to retrieve stones without forceps, graspers or stone baskets
  • One-step bougienage: Following a skin incision, bougienage can be performed in one step
  • Versatility: The right instrument is available for every stone indication


THE New Multifunctional Suction and Irrigation Pump for Endourology and Laparoscopy

UROMAT E.A.S.I.® is a pressure-regulated double roller suction/irrigation pump that offers many benefits for both endourology and laparoscopy. This simplifies work for both physicians and nursing staff while providing significant advantages in terms of patient safety.

  • Powerful: Optimal performance in many endourological applications
  • Multifunctional: The suction and the irrigation pump can be used in combination or independently of each other
  • Cost-efficient: Continuous comparison of pressure and flow values enables optimal fluid use
  • Convenient: Pre-defined, stored parameters for endourological applications
  • Intuitive: Pump parameters can be set via a touchscreen
  • Innovative: Intelligent, pressure-regulated double roller pump ensures a constant balance between inflow and outflow for highest patient safety