ONE World

Unifying Technologies, Enterprise Scale

OR1® Integration is the networked backbone of the KARL STORZ enterprise integration solution. OR1® not only integrates visualization intraoperatively, but connects visualization, communications and data management across all operative locations in the enterprise for improved clinician experience, reduced cost of collaboration and improved patient experience.

  • Enterprise Efficiency: Realize maximum efficiency and care coordination across office, clinic, and operative care locations by leveraging shared IT resources, care processes, and equipment standardization in all types of operative suites.
  • Reduce Risk: $1.5M was the average HIPAA fine in 2019. Secure patient data that is generated in the operating room with OR1® integration and advanced cybersecurity.
  • Justify Spend: Knowing the utilization of medical devices helps you justify the decision to replace them (or not replace them). Manage more than just KARL STORZ devices with vendor-agnostic device tracking and utilization reports.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: 97% of participants in a recent clinical study reported that receiving text message updates on surgical status reduced anxiety. KARL STORZ integration provides new ways to communicate with patient family.

NEO® IP Integration

The Most Advanced Operating Room Integration Solution

  • Network-based integration solution that features ONE scalable 4K video-over-IP  visualization backbone designed for any operative space to drive standardization.  Scales down to general operating rooms or up to the largest hybrid operating rooms.  Upgrade and add capacity over time.
  • Enterprise communications, data management, analytics and patient satisfaction modules scale to the needs of each operative suite.
  • Native streaming, conferencing and chat communications integrate with StreamConnect® software to enable clinical collaboration across the healthcare enterprise.
  • Collect data on medical device usage in the operating suite and view dashboards of usage information in StreamConnect® to right-size capital spend with actual usage.

StreamConnect® Software

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Three suites of apps in ONE software that drive secure content management, clinical collaboration and business insight across all care locations in the healthcare enterprise.

  • Surgical Image Management: Video-on-Demand & ehrLINC apps push surgical images and videos to the network from the operating room for secure storage, easy access by surgeons, editing, sharing and archiving in the patient record.
  • Clinical Collaboration: Empower education and inter-departmental collaboration with Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, and Nursing Overview apps.
  • Business Insight: For administrators and supply chain, match capital spend on medical devices to utilization with the Device Utilization app.  For biomedical teams, know of service issues before clinicians do with intelligent system-wide equipment monitoring.


Interactive Display Technology Designed for Healthcare

New interactive display technology from KARL STORZ allows collaboration to happen seamlessly inside and outside of the operating room wherever clinical personnel or data resources are located.  The CollaboratOR multi-touch interactive display runs software designed to improve efficiency and create a collaborative environment in the operating room so that care teams can provide the best patient care possible.

  • Room Setup Collaboration:  $62/min. Operating room time is incredibly costly.  Improve on-time starts and consistent OR setup by quickly displaying preference cards, back table setup photos, IFUs and preop imaging for the circulator and scrub tech to reference.
  • Procedural Collaboration: Infinite Views   The surgical dashboard is infinitely flexible and allows everyone in the operating room to see up to eight live video feeds and unlimited web sources of imaging simultaneously to improve situational awareness of the operative team.
  • Global Collaboration: 21% Surgeon Shortfall   It’s predicted that by 2050 in the U.S. there will be a 21% shortfall of surgeons in the workforce.  Broadcast from your operating room with standard conferencing software like Zoom, Teams and Webex to empower remote education.


Elevating the Patient Experience One Smile at a Time

ComfortOR1 is a software solution aimed at improving patient satisfaction and experience before, during and after surgery. Its two simple-to-use features, video playback and text messaging, are each directed to facilitate and enhance the patient-centered care approach that it is vital in today’s healthcare arena of value-based purchasing.

  • 97% of participants in a recent clinical study reported that receiving text messages on surgical status lowered their anxiety.* 
    * Huang F, Liu SC, Shih SM, et al. Reducing the anxiety of surgical patient’s families access short message service. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. PMC1839580/
  • Auto-translation for English, Spanish and French text messages results in less need for translation services, a more efficient operating room and clear communications that will benefit HCAHPS communication scores.
  • Video Playback in pre-op, operating room and post anesthesia recovery provides a pleasant distraction for the patient from the anxiety of preparing for surgery.  KARL STORZ uniquely offers royalty-free video scenery as well as the option for licensed films that rotate quarterly!


A/V Management, Documentation & Communication

OR1 AIR® is a modern, compact, and interconnecting integration solution comprising the modules AIDA® + OR1™ .avm.

Special Features:

  • One of the best image chains in its class, in brilliant 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD, from the endoscope to the monitor
  • Live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration
  • Combined with the proven AIDA® documentation system
  • Compact design
  • Particularly well suited for a variety of communications applications – symposia, teaching, and consultation


Exceptional documentation

AIDA® offers the possibility to capture and store still images and video sequences in FULL HD, 4K and 3D quality. This standalone solution enables the comprehensive implementation of all documentation requirements arising in surgical procedures.

  • AIDA® seamlessly fits into existing organizational structures – onto equipment carts, into integrated ORs and existing IT infrastructures (DICOM, HL7)
  • AIDA® offers the possibility to record two image sources simultaneously
  • AIDA® offers an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist
  • AIDA® reduces turnover time due to the Intelligent Export Manager with automated data storage in the background
  • AIDA® in combination with SCENARA® provides a complete solution for image and video management inside and outside the OR

Centralized Control of your Operating Room!

Pioneer in the remote control of medical equipment

  • Centralized control of medical equipment in both the sterile and non-sterile areas
  • Convenient OR setup thanks to one-touch snapshot preset function
  • Unique unit control with RUI (Realistic User Interface) in combination with cockpit view in FULL HD
  • Embedded high safety standards through observance of Medical Class IIb
    and the latest cyber security standards
  • Space-saving due to smaller housing