Cardiovascular Surgery

Reusable Retractors for Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

KARL STORZ offers completely reusable systems for the minimally invasive endoscopic removal of the radial artery and the great saphenous vein in bypass surgery. These sets consist of a retractor and additional instrumentation.

Special Features:

  • Resterilizable and completely reusable – providing significant cost savings
  • Various models for artery and vein harvesting that are specifically adapted to the anatomy
  • HOPKINS® telescope for visualization of the operative field in excellent image quality

VITOM® Exoscope

Visualization System for Open Surgery with Minimal Access

The VITOM® system is a complementary solution to OR illumination cameras, loupes and operating microscopes. It offers the possibility to display open surgical procedures in a high quality manner. Moreover, the VITOM® system is an excellent teaching and training aid and is ideally suited for documenting surgical procedures.

Special Features:

  • Optimal application possibilities for heart surgery as well as pediatric heart surgery
  • Visualization in FULL HD, excellent depth of field and optimal magnification
  • Compact design requiring minimal space in the OR
  • Compatibility with existing KARL STORZ FULL HD endoscopy system

EndoCAMeleon® HOPKINS® Telescope

Adjustable in Every Aspect

The variable direction of view 0° – 120° allows adjustment of the viewing direction to any OR situation. This makes the EndoCAMeleon® particularly suitable for use in minimally invasive mitral valve surgery and atrial ablation.

Special Features:

  • HOPKINS® telescope with rod lens system and a rigid 10 mm sheath
  • Designed for use in anatomically narrow working spaces
  • Less frequent repositioning of holding arms


The KARL STORZ 3D system offers the surgeon excellent depth perception. The stereoscopic 3D system is particularly valuable for activities such as suturing and knotting that demand a high degree of spatial perception.

  • Brilliant image display in FULL HD
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Autoclavable endoscope
  • Easy switchover between 3D and 2D modes possible

5 mm HOPKINS® Telescopes for Heart Surgery

Imaging systems such as the endoscopy unit are increasingly used to aid cardiovascular surgery. More and more interventions are being performed in a minimally invasive fashion. KARL STORZ offers telescopes with a diameter of 5 mm for this purpose.

  • HOPKINS® rod lens system for best possible image quality
  • Optimal brightness, contrast and detail features
  • Highest imaging fidelity of surface, structure and depth

Retractors for Mini-thoracotomy


Special Features:

  • Slender design, swiveling retractor arms, movable blades in two sizes
  • Fine toothing enables exact retractor guidance


Special Features:

  • Specially suited for mini-thoracotomy
  • Available with two different blade depths