OR1™ Interactive Display

Large format 4K UHD multitouch monitor with integrated PC for the visualization of information and for communication

  • Available in various sizes
  • 12x zoomable dashboard
  • Needs-oriented and workflow-based preset function
  • Digital whiteboard for modern teamwork
  • Integrated web browsers
  • Display and use of classic hospital software solutions such as HIS, PACS, and RIS
  • Compatible with all OR1™ solutions

OR Integration Simply Done – OR1™ AIR

A/V Management, Documentation & Communication

OR1™ AIR is a modern, compact, and interconnecting integration solution comprising the modules AIDA® + OR1™ .avm.

Special Features:

  • Best image chain in its class, in brilliant 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD, from the endoscope to the monitor
  • Live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration
  • Combined with the proven AIDA® documentation system
  • Compact and service-friendly design
  • Particularly well suited for a variety of communications applications – symposia, teaching, and consultation


For years, KARL STORZ has not only been the global market leader in endoscopy but has also focused on the integration and digitalization of operating rooms. A broad network of experts further enables the company to offer, alongside OR integration systems, turnkey solutions throughout the surgical wing.

With HOSPITAL1®‎, KARL STORZ supports you from start to finish in your renovation or new construction project: KARL STORZ support begins during the planning of the entire surgical wing and ranges from floor and wall design to ceiling supply units, monitors, OR lights, surgical tables, and OR ventilation technology. The service and maintenance team will continue to support you during the installation process and after project completion. Since the future-proof OR1™ integration systems can be easily expanded and their software continuously updated, KARL STORZ acts as your life-long partner even beyond.

OR1™ – for Optimal Workflow in the Operating Room

New – video management in crisp 4K image quality

The innovative KARL STORZ OR1™ integration solutions create transparency and provide tangible efficiency improvements. Intuitive use requires minimal training and provides greater safety.

  • The complete image chain in 4K: Continuous image signal transfer from the source to the destination in 4K, 3D and HD
  • Images and videos can be stored in 4K or HD at a central location, conveniently processed and shared with colleagues
  • Central OR control thanks to seamless integration of the KARL STORZ-SCB system
  • Diverse communication solutions for symposiums, consultation and teaching/training can be adapted to individual needs
  • Flexible installation thanks to space-saving wall installation in the OR or at a central location in the technical room accommodates several ORs


Maximum flexibility for the best possible integration solution

  • Video management and documentation in up to 4K UHD resolution and 3D
  • Medical device control through seamless integration of the KARL STORZ-SCB system and optional control of general room functions
  • Integration of commercial video conferencing systems to meet even the highest demands regarding transmission quality
  • Control of all functions via the surgical monitors with touchscreen function, either directly from the sterile field or from the nurse workstation
  • Modular system facilitating customization based on individual needs

OR1™ InWall Solution

OR Integration – almost invisible

  • Efficient workplace design meets
    • Smart enclosure of OR Integration technology
    • Improved ergonomics
    • Infection prevention
  • Easy and fast installation in the OR: The OR can be put into operation quickly and is ready for use within a very short time
  • Space-saving solution for holding the complete technology system in the OR and for fast service
  • Touch screen and large screen are behind glass which simplifies cleaning and improves hygiene

Centralized Control of your Operating Room!

Pioneer in the remote control of medical equipment

  • Centralized control of medical equipment in both the sterile and non-sterile areas
  • User-friendly OR environment thanks to ergonomic equipment
  • Unique unit control with RUI (Realistic User Interface) in combination with cockpit view in FULL HD
  • Time-saving work and fast turnover times thanks to one-touch snapshot preset function
  • Embedded high safety standards through observance of Medical Class IIb
    and the latest cyber security standards
  • Space-saving due to smaller housing


Exceptional documentation

AIDA® offers the possibility to capture and store still images and video sequences in FULL HD, 4K and 3D quality. This standalone solution enables the comprehensive implementation of all documentation requirements arising in surgical procedures.

  • AIDA® seamlessly fits into existing organizational structures – onto equipment carts, into integrated ORs and existing IT infrastructures (DICOM, HL7)
  • AIDA® offers the possibility to record two image sources simultaneously
  • AIDA® offers an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist
  • AIDA® reduces turnover time due to the Intelligent Export Manager with automated data storage in the background
  • AIDA® in combination with SCENARA® provides a complete solution for image and video management inside and outside the OR


The modular application platform to support your OR processes

As a modular and expandable application platform, SCENARA® offers numerous functions to optimize processes in various areas in and around the operating room.

  • SCENARA® Content Management ensures easy and intuitive administration, editing, and storage of content generated along the patient care pathway.
  • Convenient real-time audio and video transmission using SCENARA® Communication Management allows coordination between operating rooms and different hospital departments as well as virtual education and training.
  • Images, videos, and reports can be accessed from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, making the necessary data available anytime, anywhere, for maximum flexibility.
  • Standardized interfaces such as HL7 and DICOM guarantee compatibility with common hospital information and archiving systems, and current security guidelines ensure data protection and data security.


The light with the extraordinary touch

LEDVISION® 65 combines the light quality of KARL STORZ surgical lighting with the demands placed on modern examination lights.

  • High illumination intensity for examinations and minor procedures
  • Illumination intensity adjustable in three levels through gesture control
  • Energy-efficient LED light with excellent color rendering and integrated dimmer
  • Equipped with a sterilizable handle for outstanding hygienic safety
  • Light on/off in case of repositioning
  • Available as a ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or floorstand model to allow versatile use

OFFICE1 Challenger

The complete hygiene solution for ENT

The modular examination and procedure room concept for the ENT sector presents an optimal hygiene solution for doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics.

A clear organization of functional zones combined with an integrated visualization system and a user-friendly room design – thereby taking individual needs into consideration – results in an optimization of the entire examination process.

Furthermore, the design concept is strictly tailored to ergonomic requirements and improves the structure of medical examinations. A clear separation between clean and unclean areas provides optimal hygienic conditions. Additionally, state-of-the-art IT and video equipment facilitates high-quality examinations and diagnostic reliability.

The medical practitioner and the patient are both integrated in the examination process, resulting in a positive patient perception.